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Phone Update

HCC to change phone numbers

On Sept. 17, Hagerstown Community College will update its phone system to accommodate the need for more phone lines on campus. As a result, all extensions will be four digits and each phone will also have a direct dial number.
The new main phone number is 240-500-2000. All former three digits extensions will have a ‘2’ added in front, making them four digits. For example, previous extension 265 will be 2265 or direct dial at 240-500-2265.
Each phone also will have a direct-dial number: 240-500, followed by the new four-digit extension.

The former main phone number of 301-790-2800 will continue to work, but callers must use the new four-digit extensions to reach individuals on campus.

For a departmental directory or a list of employees by extension, click here.


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