Upward Bound Parents

Parents and guardians are an important part of every child’s development. We recognize and value the role of a parent in a student’s life and therefore encourage active involvement by our students’ parents and/or guardians. To learn about student achievements, updates, upcoming activities, or to make suggestions and program improvements, parents are invited to monthly meetings. Students are also welcome to attend these meetings with their parent or guardian, but it is not necessary. Parent meetings are held in a group setting and discussions/idea sharing is encouraged.

How to Get Involved

  • Talk to your child about high school activities and assignments
  • Discuss going to college and possible career field choices
  • Encourage good study habits, including time management, and prioritizing
  • Talk to the Program Coordinator about attending an Upward Bound Saturday Session
  • Volunteer to chaperone field trips
  • Communicate with Upward Bound staff, Upward Bound Coaches, counselors, and teachers
  • Participate in Upward Bound Parent Meetings hosted every other month
  • Attend the End-of-the-Year UB Reception on Thursday, July 26, 2017