Remote Site Testing for Online Courses

If you are a Hagerstown Community College student and you do not live in proximity to the college and would like to take required assessments where you live, you will need to arrange for remote testing through the Academic Testing Center. The Academic Testing Center services provide the student with the opportunity to attend Hagerstown Community College from anywhere in the world while taking assessments near their home.

Remote Online Course students will need to provide a Remote Online Test Site Proctor Approval Form to the Academic Testing Center services in order to have their exams sent to their test proctor.

Choosing a Remote Site

Remote site testing must be at a college, university, military Educational Services Offices (ESO), or a certified testing center and test proctors must be employees of the appropriate site to administer tests. There may be a fee incurred and it is the responsibility of the student to confirm and pay the testing fee if one exists.

HCC's Academic Testing Center must approve all remote testing sites prior to testing.

Suggested Remote Sites

Once a test site has been selected, you will need to complete and return the Remote Online Test Site Proctor Approval Form to the Academic Testing Center. It is strongly recommended that this is arranged at least three weeks in advance of your desired test date. This will ensure that you can meet course deadlines.

Remote Site Questions

Please call 240-500-2398 or email with any questions you might have about remote site testing.