Behavioral and Social Sciences - Business Division Directory


Frances N. Cade
Associate Professor, Human Services
Mary Beth Chaney
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education/Reading
Meredith A. Dominick
Instructor, Administration of Justice
Dr. Melinda S. ...
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Dr. Timothy M. ...
Assistant Professor, United States and World History
Andrew B. Kramer
Instructor, Administration of Justice & Paralegal Studies
Dr. Lore D. Kuehnert
Assistant Professor, World and United States History
Dr. Daniel J. Madron
Associate Professor, Sociology
Stacey M. McGee
Assistant Professor, Business and Accounting
Aaron A. Mitchell
Instructor, Accounting and Business
Suzannah B. Moran
Associate Professor, Geography
James G. Pierne
Assistant Professor, Business Management
Daniel B. Ryan
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Dr. Eric Schwartz
Instructor, Political Science & International Relations
Lori J. Spessard
Assistant Professor, Economics
Jeannine L. Sto...
Assistant Professor, Psychology and Elementary Education
Erick R. Williams
Instructor, Psychology
Louise D. Wine
Professor, Psychology and Education