English as a Second Language Program

What is the ESL Program?

The ESL classes are designed to provide English language skills in speaking, writing, listening, and reading to students whose first language is not English. Many of the classes incorporate citizenship or civics education and job skills into the program. These classes allow students to progress at their own pace through a combination of teacher-directed lessons and at-home practice. HCC offers five levels of adult classes:

ESL Beginning is for students who have limited functional ability in English. This includes those who may not be literate in any language as well as those who speak, understand, read, or write simple phrases and basic words in English.

ESL Low Intermediate and ESL Low Intermediate with Civics are mid-range courses for students who are able to function with a limited routine English proficiency, yet are not able to communicate well outside familiar situations.

ESL High Intermediate and ESL High Intermediate with Civics are higher-level courses for students whose English allows them to function in most day-to-day situations, yet they may have trouble understanding more complicated situations.

ESL Advanced is designed for students whose English proficiency allows them to meet most professional and social demands and grasp deeper contexts in the language. This course also prepares students to transition to secondary ESL classes.

ESL Bridge will assist advanced students and those who are entering the college at the first developmental level with course outcomes that are similar to ESL 098. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be permitted to take ESL 099 without an additional placement test.