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Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Elaine R. Ashby Professor, Biology and Chemistry
Rebecca A. Beecroft Instructor of Life Science/Biotechnology
Jennifer L. Beird... Instructor, Medical Imaging/Program Coordinator
Kathryn K. Benchoff Instructor, English Composition
Theresa S. Bidle Professor, Biology
Michele L. Blash Assistant Professor, Nursing
Joan H. Bontempo Associate Professor, Art Appreciation/Art History
Victoria A. Bullett Instructor, Physical Education/Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Thomas K. Burge Instructor, Physical Education & Fitness Center Instructor
Frances N. Cade Chair, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business Division and Assistant Professor, Human Services
Shannon M. Cameron Instructor, Physical Education and Athletic Trainer
Richard D. Campbe... Assistant Professor, Developmental Mathematics
Mary Beth Chaney Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education/Reading
Thomas S. Crawford Associate Professor, Mathematics and Business
Sonjurae M. Cross Instructor, Developmental English
Dr. Cynthia A. Dove Associate Professor, Anatomy and Physiology/Microbiology
Alicia M. Drumgoole Instructor, English
Robert B. Foth II Adjunct Faculty
Trudy M. Gift Professor, Information Systems Technology
Karen S. Hammond Director, Nursing and Assistant Professor, Nursing
Michael G. Harsh Professor, English, Speech, and Drama
Carrie L. Hawbecker Assistant Professor, Developmental Mathematics
Malissa J. Hudson Instructor
Timothy M. Jenness Instructor of United States & World History
Joan M. Johnson Professor, English
Paul Jozik Professor, Physics
David M. Karn Assistant Professor of Accounting
David E. Karstaedt Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Physiology/Microbiology
David E. Karstaedt Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Physiology/Microbiology
Rebecca A. Kendrick Instructor, Developmental Mathematics
Paula S. Kessler Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Ardyce L. Ketterling Assistant Professor, Developmental Composition
Sonja L. Kirchner Assistant Professor, Nursing
Melinda S. Kowalsky Instructor, Psychology
Lore D. Kuehnert Instructor of World and United States History
Rebecca L. Leonard Instructor, Dental Assisting
Christopher J. Lewis Associate Professor, Mathematics
Daniel J. Madron Assistant Professor, Sociology
Sean T. Maher Instructor, Web Design and Multimedia Technology
Lori A. Manilla Assistant Professor, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing