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Gainful Employment Program Disclosures

GE data is posted for all active applicable HCC programs, as they appear in the 2012 catalog, and the list excludes programs that have been discontinued since the publication of the 2011 catalog.

IST: Networking Administration GEPD
Administrative Assistant GEPD
Administration of Justice: Police Services GEPD
Biotechnology GEPD
Child Care Professional GEPD
Commercial Transportation Management GEPD
Computer-Aided Design GEPD
Dental Assisting GEPD
Paramedic: EMT1 to EMT2 Bridge GEPD
Alternative Energy: Geothermal GEPD
Alternative Energy: Solar/Wind GEPD
Facilities Maintenance Technology GEPD
Graphic Design Technology GEPD
Industrial Technology GEPD
IST: Computer Support Specialist GEPD
IST: Technician Specialist I GEPD
Medical Assistant GEPD
Management: Marketing GEPD
Paralegal Studies GEPD
Paramedic Emergency Services GEPD
Pharmacy Technician GEPD
Web/Multimedia Development GEPD
Commercial Vehicle Transportation Specialist GEPD
Practical Nursing GEPD
Management GEPD
Medical Coding and Reimbursement GEPD