Mathematics and Science Division Directory


Dr. Rebecca A. Beecroft
Associate Professor, Life Sciences/Biotechnology/Environmental Studies Program
Theresa S. Bidle
Professor, Biology
Thomas S. Crawford
Associate Professor, Mathematics and Business
Dr. Cynthia A. Dove
Professor, Biotechnology
Dr. Vennece N. Fowlkes
Instructor, Anatomy & Physiology/Biology
Paul Jozik
Professor, Physics
Paula S. Kessler
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Kristen A. Lennon
Assistant Professor, Biology
Christopher J. Lewis
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Joseph C. Mason
Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Bernard F. Murphy
Associate Professor, Biology and Chemistry
Dr. Rosemary G. Nickerson
Professor, Biology
C. Edward Sigler
Assistant Professor, Engineering
Dr. Veronica M. Stein
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Physical Science
Jennifer S. Szczesniak
Assistant Professor, Mathematics