Administrator on Duty

The AOD provides a service to students, staff, faculty and the public during evening and weekend hours when classes are in session. The administrator on duty position serves as a communication link and point of contact for general campus inquires/questions. The AOD can be reached directly by calling 240-675-0928.

All calls for emergency services should first be made to the campus police/safety by dialing extension 2308 on any campus phone, or by calling 240-500-2308. If there is a medical emergency please dial 911 and then campus police/safety.

The AOD may act as a referral service for other areas of the college and will ensure questions or concerns are conveyed to the appropriate area. The AOD is responsible for ensuring smooth operations and contacting the appropriate official if there are problems beyond the scope of the position. The schedule will include Monday thru Thursday evenings (4:30 pm to 8:15 pm) and Weekends (Saturday, 8:30 am to 11:00 am) as classes are scheduled.

Please refer to the attached schedule to identify the assigned AOD and contact information. If there are questions or if additional information is needed please contact Human Resources at 240-500-2589.