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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame inductees:

Brian Wethey, Mike Martin Kim Saunders, P.J. Hiser, Chuck LaMelza and Bob Bastian. (Not pictured: Gene Karns).

Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • 1993 Mike Pascuzzo, Kristi (Hart) Gee, Ralph Wallace, Tom Fiery, Terry Baker, Dexter Boney, Dick Schukraft, Bobby Resh, Eddie Wiebel, Jeff Scuffins, Gena Korrell, Irv Easterday, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cianelli, Randy Butts, and Greg Henry.
  • 1994 Steve Cline, Aldophus Albertie, Mike Fussell, Rick Erdmann, Mike Draper, Steve Stone, Sheryl Kemmerer, Sue Ward, David Thrailkill, and Gladys Hipp.
  • 1995 Kathy Orsini, Tom Stevens, Jason Niblett, Robert Myers, Cindy Breeden Mease, and The Washington County Beverage Association.
  • 1996 Scott Hardy, Cathy Jones Faust, Staci Snyde,r Ron Wallech, and Dick Phoebus.
  • 1997 Jim Brown, Marlys Palmer, Tom Douple, Steve Carter, and Frank Erck.
  • 1998 Greg Eversole, Ken Glover, and Bernie Lesky.
  • 1999 Bernard Hopkins, Mike Hill, Rob Cline, and Ralph McCarty.
  • 2000 Earl Stoner, Bob Wolford, Mick Billmeyer, Bert Isminger, and Ron Bowers.
  • 2001 Keith Hess, Mike Holston, Time Steiner, Bret Elbin, Joe Tischer, and Bill Lightner.
  • 2002 Jack Seville, George Miles, Rodney Steiner, Gary Fahrney, Dr. Norman P. Shea, and The Washington County Home Builders Association.
  • 2003 Ricardo Christian, Rob Devlin, Dana Brooks, William McKinley, Al Shaeffer, and The Volunteer Corp -Ca.
  • 2004 Heather (Aleshire) Albowicz, Alexa (Robertson) Keckler, Alonzo Patterson, Jody Pepple, and Jesse Smith.
  • 2005 Dr. Marie Nowakowski, Yvette (Brallier) Clingerman, Allen Samuels, William J. Updegraff, and Tom Strickler.
  • 2006 Steve Buser, Larry Sharpe, Charles "Bucky" Houser, Phil Rhorer, Donald "Skip" Chambers, and Terry Sullivan.
  • 2007 Jack Young, Carol Young, Richie Hawkins, Shelly Smith Lamont Dale, Sean Faust, and Dexter Boney.