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Biotechnology Internships

Student intern of the BioTech ProgramThe InnovaBio-MD on-campus internship program was the first partner community college to replicate Salt Lake Community College's InnovaBio program.  InnovaBio-MD is an innovative partnership of corporations and educators working to support Maryland's biotechnology industry.  We offer a low risk environment for organizations wishing to develop a product or wanting to explore new ideas using our biotechnology labs, a qualified scientist and student interns.  The challenging research completed by our interns creates a valuable talent pool for Maryland biotechnology companies.  

Not ready for an internship?  Well then our Introduction to Applied Biotechnology Research (BTC 102) may be the class for you!  This course is targeted toward students who have completed Introduction to Biotechnology (BTC 101) and would like more experience working in a biotech lab environment.  This course has been approved for dual enrollment with the Washington County Public Schools and can be taken for high school/HCC credit.  Basic laboratory applications in biotechnology such as DNA purification, gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme digestion, bacterial cloning, as well as other topics, will be explored.  The student will perform laboratory research to explore the requirements necessary for a career in laboratory science.  Students work with a technician for a minimum of 90 hours per semester.  These credits may be used as a restricted elective for the A.A.S. in Biotechnology.  Interested students should contact the program coordinator.  Prerequisites: College level Mathematics and English.  Semesters offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

InternshipsJoyce Bussard Student Intern
"My internship at USAMRIID was both challenging and rewarding.  Before my internship, I knew very little about science outside of a classroom or lab.  I have learned a great deal and have confidence that I will be successful in applying my new job skills.  I will also be able to add a valuable experience to my resume when applying to jobs."  -Joyce Bussard, Spring 2010 BTC-269 intern
HCC has offered internships at the following locations:
•    Ft. Detrick agencies
•    MedImmune
•    Medigen
•    NIH
•    USDA-Appalachian Fruit Research Station
•    USDA-National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture
•    NCI


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