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Veterinary Office Career Courses

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Veterinary Assistant Training

The HCC Veterinary Assistant Training consists of four courses.  The training is held on Monday evenings except the hands-on training which occurs as scheduled and available in the third course.  Students must pass the first course and meet other requirements in order to continue in the program.  The four courses that must be complete include:

  • Veterinary Assistant Terminology
  • Veterinary Assistant Principles I
  • Veterinary Assistant Practices
  • Veterinary Assistant Principles II

Preparation for Vet Assistant Training
This course reviews what a veterinary assistant does and ethical considerations.  Completion of a criminal background check authorization is required to go further in the course.  Review of animal restraint requirements, course disclosures and questions from the students.  Students will be asked to complete a writing sample and other ability tests.  Results will be reviewed.  Abilities review in communication, simple calculations, and work ethics.  Professional organizations and career options will be discussed.

Terminology for Veterinary Assistant
This course introduces and reviews terminology and vocabulary the veterinary assistant must use and recognize to complete forms and procedures for the veterinary technician.  Medical Terminology exam must be passed (70%) to move forward into Veterinary Assistant Program.

Vet Assistant Training Practices
This course consists of 50 hours of combined training including hands-on classroom training, field trips, clinical visits, Humane Society volunteer work and clinical observations.  Students must be available some mornings and have a flexible schedule to attend training and field trips as arranged.  Prerequisite: Successful completion of Preparation of Vet Assistant Training Course and Veterinary Assistant Training Principles Part I.

Veterinary Assistant Training Principles Part I
Students begin the basic topics of Veterinary Assistant Principles including office procedures, animal disease and vaccinations, breed identification, animal restraint, lab procedure basics, and pharmacology and radiology basics.

Veterinary Training Principles II
Prerequisite Veterinary Assistant Part I. This course offers more advanced topics for students able to complete basic veterinary assistant material.  Topics include:  animal nutrition and disease, medication for veterinary assistants, fluid therapy, clinical procedures, anesthesia, surgery, emergency care and pet CPR.  (Textbook included in the materials fee)

Animal Care Office Professional
Train to work at a Veterinary office front desk, shelter front desk, groomer front desk or any animal-related office position or improve your current skills if already employed in such a position.
The course covers administrative responsibility, care and maintenance of the veterinary facility, admissions, discharge, record keeping, patient confidentiality, and patient billing.  Improve your people skills and become comfortable greeting and handling difficult situations. (Textbook included in material fee).

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