American Management Association

In cooperation with the American Management Association, HCC offers the General and Human Resource Management Certification.

AMA Certification is ideal for:

  • New managers and supervisors
  • Individuals wanting to move up into supervision and management
  • Professionals seeking to refine their skills
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs

Students attain the AMA Certificate in General and Human Resource Management by completing the following courses:

  • First Line Supervision
  • Leadership Skills for Managers
  • Coaching for Top Performance
  • Fair, Square and Legal
  • Successful Project Management
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

The certification program at HCC is self-directed. Students complete courses as time and funding permits. Courses are offered several times throughout the academic year and can be taken as a series, or individually. Certification is earned when the student completes all seven courses.

To learn more, or to enroll in classes, go to the schedule.