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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

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Computer-Aided Design (CAD) I
Design objects or create drafting mock-ups with computer-assisted design/drafting using AutoCAD software.  Class topics include creating and modifying entities, layers, viewing commands, blocks, and plotting.  Participants prepare drawings, create designs, and produce a portfolio of their work. Prerequisite: Intro to Personal Computing or working familarity with Windows applications and file management.  (Textbook required)

Computer-Aided Design II
Computer-Aided Design II is a hands-on competency-based course that builds on skills and knowledge gained in CAD I.  Participants receive advanced instruction in dimensioning, blocks, layer management, and print layout.  Student are introduced to working in three dimensions and will create three-dimensional drawings and models and produce an electronic portfolio of their work. Prerequisite: CMT 252 or equivalent work experience. (Textbook required)

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