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Computers - How To

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How to Edit Digital Pictures Like a Pro
Fixing a digital photograph is easier than you think, and we can show you how!  Move your blah picture to a masterpiece that will impress your family or friends with easy-to-use techniques. Repair those little imperfections or get the red eye out of your photography subjects.  Clean up that old photo that means so much to you.  Your instructor will help you with these and more using the inexpensive Photoshop Elements software.  Basic Windows, mouse, and keyboard skills required.  (Textbook Recommended)

How to Take Great Pictures With a Digital Camera
Digital cameras can free you from trips to the local photo store while at the same time giving you more options for your prints.  Investigate different lighting techniques, review options for setting up a shot, and experiment with digital editing tools that could brighten up your photos.  You must be familiar with Windows and a mouse, and bring your digital camera to class.  (Textbook recommended)

How to Sell on eBay
Imagine earning extra money while your attic and garage "clutter" disappear! Learn more about the eBay selling environment, from researching and listing an item to customer service, profit margins, what sells and what does not, as well as shipping and handling tips to get those items safe and sound to the customer. Knowledge of Windows and good Internet skills are needed, as well as something to sell. You must feel comfortable disclosing bank and credit card information online to eBay and have that information available the first night. (Materials fee includes textbook from eBay)

iPhone, iPad, iFrustration
Apple's innovative products can do much more than most people recognize. Stop struggling to have a great user experience and join us for insights on how to use these platforms more fully. From device basics to tips and tricks, this course addresses the topics you really need to know about your iPhone or iPad.

Securing Your iPhone/iPad
With such a great product from Apple, the information on your iPhone and iPad must be secure, right? Get the facts on what can really be going on behind the scenes and how you as a user can keep your data safe while still having a great experience with your device.

How-To Basics for Digital Camera Newbies
If mega-this or mega-that has you confused, then welcome to the club! Buying or owning a digital camera can be a mystifying experience with all the terminology and options that surround this technology. Help yourself demystify the digital world by attending this one-night class that will make you feel more comfortable buying or using a camera. Be ready for that next great shot of the sunset or your grandchild as you explore the options for taking, transferring, and printing digitally. (No textbook required)

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