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Fall 2015

Solid Modeling: Autodesk Inventor

This is a hands-on competency based course in which you will use assembly-centric, parametric, solid-modeler software (Autodesk Inventor) to build and animate three-dimensional models including 3D printing. Create three-dimensional models to generate 2D drawings. Prerequisite: CMT 153 CAD II or consent of instructor. (Textbook Required)

Fee: $324 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Materials Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $8

CMT-228-B | 08/26/15-12/09/15 | A. Bridendolph | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Introduction to ASP.NET

Learn how to create exciting, interactive, and professional Web sites with ASP.NET. In this hands-on course, you'll begin by adding the power of interactive controls to your Web pages, and you'll discover how you can use style sheets to give every Web page you create the same clean and consistent look and feel. You'll find out how to connect to a database and put the information it contains on public display. Then, you'll develop a true community-based Web site that allows users to register, log in, create and update profiles, and post messages to a forum. You'll also explore the issue of Web security, and learn some simple things you can do to secure your site against some common attacks.

Fee: $36 Materials Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $8

CMP-665-D | 10/14/15-11/20/15 | | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Winter 2016