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Driver Education

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Welcome to the driving school @ HCC!  Our school is licensed and certified by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to provide you or your teenager training under the state Graduated Driver Licensing Law.  The driving school @ HCC provides the same quality of instruction associated with our 60 years of community education in Washington County.  Experienced instructors licensed by the MVA and vehicles modified for training help the rookie driver learn the state requirements for becoming a safe driver.  

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Driver Education includes 30 hours of classroom training, six hours of behind-the-wheel driving, and is required by the state of Maryland for all Maryland drivers obtaining their first license.  The classroom instruction will include discussion of space management, basic maneuvering, reducing risks, and personal factors influencing operator performance and collision avoidance.  Student driving sessions are scheduled one-on-one and include basic car control, parallel parking, and a variety of roadways. 

Each Driver Education class will include a 3-hour orientation and will acquaint students with the school's requirements and components of the Maryland's Graduated Driver Licensing Law.  Attendance at the 3-hour orientation is strongly encouraged for parents and/or mentors but mandatory for students.  **If a student misses the Driver Education Orientation class, they can not continue in the session and must be scheduled into another Driver Education course per Maryland MVA policy.  

Students should bring their learner's permit to the Driver Education orientation class.  The Learner's Permit is a State of Maryland requirement to complete the entire driver education course.  Students without a valid learner's permits will not be allowed to participate in the student driving sessions.  For more information on obtaining a Learner’s Permit, the MVA has established an online document guide to assist customers in determining what documents they need to provide in support of the more common licensing functions:


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Driver Education Courses Open for Registration:

Driver Education classes are available at the HCC main and the Valley Mall Campuses.  Check the schedule below for availability.

Cost: $288 per student

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Practice for your learner's permit test @ the MVA website - click here


If you have any questions or concerns, call registration at 240-500-2236.