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Small Engine and Motorcycle Repair

Student working on motorcycle

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Whether for fun or profit, learning how to repair small engines can be rewarding work for the garage handy-man or the person wishing to open their own business.

Small engine repair typically involves the service and maintenance of low-power combustion engines that run on gasoline.

Here at HCC, you can learn how to service smaller engines, such as motorcycles, boat motors, snowblowers, weed eaters, lawnmowers, and other garden equipment.

If motorcycles are your passion, you can also take small engine repair courses specific to motorcycles.

Whatever your choice, learn to fix it at HCC! 

Small Engine RepairMultiple small engines

Whether for fun or profit, you can service small engines found in lawn equipment, motorboats, snow blowers or garden equipment.  Hands-on shop activities and expert instruction will introduce you to the principles of two-cycle and four-cycle engine operation, fuel and exhaust sytems, ignition components, lubrication systems, and cooling systems.  Tools and equipment provided but appropriate safety clothing is required for shop activities. (Textbook required)

Small EngineAdvanced Small Engine Repair

For the serious small engine mechanic, this course provides you with advanced instruction on diagnosing, disassembling, and repairing a variety of transmissions and powertrains.  Will also discuss hydrostatic transmissions, clutch/manual transmissions and power distribution systems. Complete and you will be able to test for the written section of the national Small Engine Certification Program.  **Must have completed Small Engine Repair to register. (Textbook required)

Stutent repairing motorcycleMotorcycle Repair, Part I

You can master the fundamental concepts and skills to keep a metric motorcycle running smoothly. Learn how to set up a safe shop, select the right tools, troubleshoot and inspect, and perform general maintenance.  Hands-on lab projects will include tune-ups, fastener servicing, fuel systems, basic electronics, batteries and charging systems, and engine condition diagnosing without teardown.  Information also relates to servicing ATV's and scooters. (Textbook required)

 Student repairing small engine

Motorcycle Technician, Part I

For owners interested in advanced repairs or students training to become Motorcycle Technicians, this course will cover more in-depth topics related to bike repair.  Shop activities will include working with lubrication and cooling systems, replacing exhaust systems, and servicing power transmission systems.  Participants will also work with lacing and truing wheels, replacing tires, servicing brakes, and front/rear suspensions.  Must complete Part I and II to receive the Motorcycle Technician certificate.  Course also meets on four Saturdays for shop work.  Required: *Must have completed Motorcycle Repair, Part I or have similar bike repair experience.* (Textbook required)

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