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Introduction to HVAC/R
Troubleshoot and repair today's HVAC equipment and refrigeration-based processing equipment. Participants will be introduced to concepts of energy, refrigeration, temperature, humidity, and conduction of heat and will be trained in refrigerant handling.  There will be overviews of HVAC related equipment and systems. (Textbook required)

Tuition Incentive Dollar SignEPA Refrigerant Tech Cert
For individuals working in the HVAC field, you can become certified in proper refrigerant-handling techniques as required by the EPA.  Class review will prepare you for the EPA Technician Certification Exam per section 608 of the Federal Clean Air Act.  A proctored EPA exam will be given on the final night of class that covers Types I, II, III, and the Universal (core) certification. (Textbook and Test Included)

MD Stationary Engineer Exam Prep
Prepare for the Maryland Stationary Engineer Exam and review operations related to low pressure boilers and plant heating equipment. Topics include basic boiler construction, boiler care and operation, water chemistry and treatment, hydronic heating systems, basic electrical, refrigeration and HVAC systems, fire prevention and safety and ASME code requirements. (Textbook required)

What does the dollar sign mean?  Check out the Alternative Energy page to find out.

Introduction to Geothermal Technology for HVAC Technicians
Prepare yourself for the growing job market in the area of Geothermal Technology using the many of the skills you have already acquired as an HVAC technician. Gain a basic understanding of the relationship between heat transfer theory you already know and how it applies to Geothermal Heat Pump Systems. You will gain knowledge of steps needed to plan and execute the advancement of your career and remain "in demand" as energy technology continues to advance in the future. (No Textbook Required)

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