Industrial Technology Courses

Fall 2017

Intro to CNC Programming

An entry-level introduction to CNC operation and basic programming for anyone involved in machine operation, setup, or maintenance. Topics will include: control functions, definitions of capabilities, and descriptions of machine control capabilities. Basic programming will include T/M code definitions and usages. General codes supporting most machine functions will be addressed in a split lecture/lab schedule. (Textbook required)

Fee: $417 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Materials Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $8

CNT-150-B | 08/31/17-12/15/17 | K. Stoops | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Winter 2018

Series Parallel Circuits

This module covers resistance, current, and voltage in series parallel circuits. The student will learn to apply Ohm's law to solving for specific quantities in these circuit configurations. The module also covers power, loaded voltage dividers and the Wheatstone Bridge as well as troubleshooting applications and problem solving.

Fee: $0

TRD-193-F | 01/15/18-02/19/18 | | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register