Personal Finance Courses

Winter 2018

A Frugal Living Primer

Frugal living is about spending with your priorities in mind. Whether you need to reduce debt, want to travel, or just stress less about money, this course will provide you new ways to think about your resources, techniques for monitoring expenses, and plenty of tips for reducing unnecessary expenses.

Fee: $47 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-594-G | 01/23/18-02/13/18 | K. Barylski | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Funding College: You Have Options

Is the excitement of your educational and career goals being overshadowed by the confusion and anxiety of student loans? Do you find yourself wondering if there are other options? Spend two evenings with Marjorie McLean, an Accredited Financial Counselor, and you'll better understand the total cost of furthering your education, common pitfalls to avoid, how your future career might impact your financial decisions today, and how to translate current loans into future repayments.

Fee: $51 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-601-H | 02/08/18-02/15/18 | M. McLean | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register