Home and Garden Courses

Summer 2017

The Serene White & Gray Garden

With the expert guidance of local florist Denny Warrenfeltz, design and cultivate a stunning garden retreat using a simple color palette of whites and grays. In this two-part course, you'll learn how to select and arrange plant materials in classic, cool tones of white and gray. Create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and entertaining on warm summer days and nights. First Session - Monday, May 22nd: At Trayer's Farm and Greenhouse, Denny will demonstrate how to use various plant materials to achieve the locally-known "Denny White" look. He will also provide a guided walk-through of the greenhouse, offering assistance on selecting which plants to raise and providing tips on which plant varieties work well for the white and gray palette and grow in the area. The session will conclude with light refreshments. Please bring a folding chair to this session. Trayer's is located at 11452 Welsh Run Road, Mercersburg, PA. Second Session - Monday, June 19th: Tour a sample white and gray garden designed by Denny at the Bowman House and observe as he demonstrates a variety of arrangements and styles you can achieve with whites and grays. Then apply what you've learned as you create your own project out of the plant materials provided. The session wraps up with light refreshments. The Bowman House is located at 323 North Main Street, Boonsboro, MD.

Fee: $59 Senior Adult Fee: $35 Registration Fee: $8

ANE-084-K | 05/22/17-06/19/17 | D. Warrenfeltz | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register