Home and Garden Courses

Fall 2015

Fall Planting for Spring Blooms

Join professional horticultural specialist Deborah Smith-Fiola for this course. The fall month of October is a great time to dream of your garden in bloom next season. Perennial flower plants and bulbs planted in October will develop a strong root system to provide an abundant floral display for next years' garden. In order to create a colorful garden with perennials you'll need to plant perennials with varying bloom times so that something will always be in bloom. This session will also cover various methods of dividing, seeding, propagating, and planting the best perennials and bulbs for our area.

Fee: $29 Registration Fee: $8

HOM-016-D1 | 09/23/15-09/23/15 | D. Smith-Fiola | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Floral Design

Join floral designer and historic garden specialist, Denny Warrenfeltz, for this wonderful class that will bring together your creative senses. The many layers of floral arrangement will be explored in this insightful class. We will begin with a three-week session on decorating your home with florals, focusing on the glorious, fresh flowers of early fall and late summer, as well as an exploration of arranging silk flowers for a lasting impression. The closing sessions will focus on creating lasting holiday arrangements that will surely please your guests and family. Supplies to be discussed during the first session and may be purchased from instructor. Cost dependent upon your choice of materials.

Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $51 Registration Fee: $8

PDV-795-C1 | 09/14/15-11/09/15 | D. Warrenfeltz | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register