History and Culture Courses

Fall 2017

Colonial Williamsburg History, 1705-1779

Williamsburg was the political, cultural, and educational center of the largest, most populous of the 13 original British colonies. In this program, you'll learn why Williamsburg replaced Jamestown as Virginia's colonial capital, and why Richmond replaced it as a state capital. We'll discuss Williamsburg's distinctions from northern colonial capitals in the 1700s and see how classical republicanism was imbued in its government and society. Finally, we'll discuss the relationships of the capital to major 18th century events, including the French & Indian War and the American Revolution, and founding fathers Washington and Jefferson. You can also sign up for our day trip to Colonial Williamsburg on November 29 to experience history first-hand! See page XX for more information.

Fee: $21 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-565-E | 11/28/17-11/28/17 | R. Swartz | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Colonial Williamsburg History and Trip

Fee: $171 Senior Adult Fee: $117 Materials Fee: $20 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-566-E | 11/28/17-11/29/17 | D. Warrenfeltz/R. Swartz | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Thinking About Morals: From Classical Greece to the 21st Century

Join instructor Karen Gray on a casual journey among diverse human efforts to define morality that includes selected Greek and Roman philosophers, medieval theologians, enlightenment thinkers, and modern moral experts. Your exploration of morality through the ages will culminate in an overview of key issues and authorities at the center of moral thinking today.

Fee: $91 Senior Adult Fee: $57 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-568-C | 09/20/17-12/06/17 | K. Gray | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Moral Philosophy of the Ancient Greeks

Explore the moral thinking of philosophers such as Aristotle in Greece and major schools of moral philosophy such as the stoics and epicureans.

Fee: $27 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-569-C | 09/20/17-09/20/17 | K. Gray | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Jewish and Christian Moral Philosophy Of the Middle Ages

Dr. Gray will discuss Jewish and Christian moral philosophy as it evolved in the Middle Ages with attention to its expression in early medieval monasticism and later medieval scholasticism.

Fee: $27 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-570-D | 10/18/17-10/18/17 | K. Gray | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Religious and Secular Moral Thought

Dr. Gray will analyze the effects of science, the Renaissance, humanism, and enlightenment thinking on moral philosophy with a special focus on the transition this period reflects from medieval religious thinking to the growth of secular moral thought.

Fee: $27 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-571-E | 11/15/17-11/15/17 | K. Gray | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Contemporary Moral Philosophy

Dr. Gray describes the major approaches to contemporary moral philosophy and provides excerpts from the writings of selected modern thinkers as examples of that diversity and how it results in significant differences on key moral issues today.

Fee: $27 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-572-F | 12/06/17-12/06/17 | K. Gray | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Falling Fortunes: Washington and the New York Campaign of 1776

"We expect a very bloody summer at New York...and I am sorry to say that we are not, either in Men or Arms, prepared for it." These were the words of George Washington to John Augustine Washington on May 31, 1776, prior to the six battles of the New York City (and environs) military campaign of 1776 during the American Revolution. Investigate the major events and outcomes and assess British and Patriot leadership as you discuss each battle. In addition, you'll examine how the campaign transformed both the natural and man-made environment of New York City. Learn about the appearance of the first submarine, the failures of Nathan Hale's espionage mission and the lessons learned from it, as well as British peace overtures. Compare these events to modern-day sites such as Times Square, Columbia University, the New York Public Library, etc. Finally, explore how the campaign offers historical contrast to the mythology of the "Spirit of '76", prevalent today.

Fee: $97 Senior Adult Fee: $57 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-573-C | 09/19/17-10/17/17 | R. Swartz | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Hamilton and Burr

Have you ever wondered how two prominent politicians, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, found themselves staring down the barrel of each other's gun in a duel in 1804? How did they get here? Who were these men on a personal level, what lives did they lead, and what were there political philosophies? You'll discover the answers to these questions and more as you dive into the political rise and fall of both men and the reasons for their duel, including the Manhattan Company of New York City. You'll also learn the rules of the "code duello" and find out what happened in Burr's post-duel life, including the impeachment trial of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Samuel Chase of Maryland, and his trial for treason in 1807.

Fee: $97 Senior Adult Fee: $57 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-575-D | 10/31/17-11/21/17 | R. Swartz | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Ancient Military History

Beginning with the first written accounts of war, you will explore the major battles, wars, weapons, military leaders, and societies of the Ancient World from 2000 BCE to 400 CE. Discuss the land and naval warfare of the ancient Greeks and Romans, plus the significant military moments of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China.

Fee: $107 Senior Adult Fee: $61 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-586-B | 08/17/17-10/05/17 | | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register