Language Courses

Spring 2020

Spanish for Travelers

¡Hola! Enter the vibrant and diverse world of Spanish language and culture! When you're basking on a Costa Rican beach and the noonday sun is bearing down, don't rely on Google translate. What you really want to say is "tengo calor." Trust us! Before you jet off to Spain, Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, or another Spanish-speaking destination, master the most important words and phrases for an enjoyable vacation. Understanding differences of language and culture across countries will enrich your experience while saving you from embarrassing or offending social faux pas.

Fee: $107 Senior Adult Fee: $61 Registration Fee: $8

LAN-252-J | 04/28/20-05/21/20 | S. Roma Barrera | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Summer 2020