Life Enrichment Courses

Fall 2017

Pumpkin Chunkin

Is it a bird? A plane?...No it is a PUMPKIN!!!! Time to put those leftover fall decorations to a good use as we learn to build and then construct a catapult or trebuchet to see who can launch the pumpkin either the farthest, the most accurately, or the most creatively. BEACON House, Inc., A STEAM Education nonprofit invites you to investigate the history behind these devices as well as the science and mathematics needed to increase your launch distance and control your pumpkin projectile to hit the target! Join us for a smashing good time of engineering using these medieval devices!

Fee: $27 Registration Fee: $8

DIS-580-E | 11/10/17-11/10/17 | C. Staff | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Principles of Meditation-A Joyous Peaceful Way of Life

Students will explore different types of meditation, as well as the purpose of each style. The practice of meditation is ancient, coming from many different cultures around the world. Meditation can enrich your life experiences and expand your horizons. Meditation can help build resilience, maintain concentration, restore balance, help with anxiety, improve thought patterns, and create sustainable change while restoring peace and balance to your life. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this course will help you establish a firm foundation in your meditation practice.

Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $8

MBP-027-C | 09/26/17-10/31/17 | C. Piper-Snyder | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Personal Finance

This course is designed to prepare you for a lifetime of worthwhile personal financial planning. The tools you will learn are useful, realistic, and easy to work into your regular routine. They will help you gain control over the financial impact of the choices you make. You'll learn to create and use a budget, borrow and invest wisely, make intelligent decisions about insurance, and plan for your financial future. You'll develop a retirement savings plan, and you'll be better prepared to make large purchases and plan for taxes. You'll also learn the essentials of household bookkeeping and record-keeping requirements. And you'll discover the secret to understanding and controlling your credit rating to save money and increase your financial security.

Fee: $36 Materials Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $8

PLC-704-C | 09/13/17-10/22/17 | | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register