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Basic Photography
Learn the basics to improve your photography. Discuss the importance of the shutter, aperture, lenses, film, filters, flash, macro (close-up) techniques and composition. Color slides will be projected at each session to explain the specific topic. Don Cooper is a retired National Geographic Society photographer and printer. He has been teaching photography over 30 years. Equipment necessary for class: 35mm camera-film or digital (single lens reflex helpful but not necessary).

Level II Photography
Join Don Cooper as you take the next step beyond basic 35mm photography. Explore the advanced applications of lighting, lenses, filters and other photography equipment. You will also learn the photography techniques necessary to take special situation photographs such as weddings. Field trip will be discussed in class. Don has been teaching photography for 30 years and is still an active photographer. Prerequisite: Basic Photography or equivalent.

Portrait Photography
This is the photography class you have been waiting for!  If you enjoy taking pictures of your family and friends and would like to improve your skills, as well as explore the possibilities of taking professional and casual portraits, this is the class for you! Instructor Don Cooper will discuss the importance of equipment, lighting, film, and composition. After gaining the essential knowledge you need to focus in on great portraits, gain additional knowledge by taking portraits of subjects in class and in a local studio. Equipment necessary for class: 35mm camera or digital camera with single lens reflex.

Black and White Photography
Taking black and white photographs is an intriguing form of photography. There are many subjects that just have to be photographed in black and white. This course will introduce you to this fascinating form of photography. You will be introduced to film, lens, techniques and how to look for those black and white photos. Prerequisite: Basic photography knowledge or equivalent. Equipment necessary for class: 35mm camera-film or digital, with SLR (single lens reflex).

Low Light Photography
Join Don Cooper for this field study of low light photography and taking photographs after dark.  The course will cover time exposures, multiple imaging, flash painting, and other low light techniques.  Equipment to bring to each class: SLR (single lens reflex) 35mm or digital camera, wide-angle lenses, medium telephoto lenses, tripod, and a cable release or equivalent.  Prerequisite: Basic Photography or equivalent.

Nature and Wildlife Photography
Are you interested in capturing the moment of a beautiful sunset, delicate flower or wildlife in their natural habitat? Join photographer Don Cooper for this new course focusing on nature and wildlife photography. Class sessions will cover bird, macro and outdoor photography as well as equipment including use of lenses, tri-pods, blinds, feeders and bait to set up those great wildlife shots. Don Cooper, professional photographer, has been teaching for over 30 years. Equipment necessary for class: 35mm or digital camera with a single reflex lens.

Macro Photography
Join Don Cooper in this new seminar devoted to Macro Photography.  Seminar topics include: set-up for photographing nature subjects in macro, set-up for copy work, overview of macro equipment, and photography of small birds, insects, frogs, and nature subjects.  Completion of the Level II photography course is required or equivalent experience.  Please bring your macro equipment to this seminar. 

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