Lifelong Learning Faculty Spotlights

Jo Lum

Instructor Jo Lum of Living Water Chair Caning has been teaching this heritage craft of chair caning for over 10 years.

Frank Maietta

Frank Maietta has 40 years’ experience on banjo. He has played with The Smokey Valley Ramblers, Hangfire, and is currently with the Back Creek Valley Boys as well as an extensive teaching career that includes the Evolution Rock School in Hagerstown. His specialty is singing while playing his own back-up.

Carol Miller-Schultz

Carol Miller-Schultz facilitates a monthly local genealogy group. She has been participating in ancestry research for more than two decades. Her interests include utilizing technology and the use of DNA as related to family history research.

Steve Schaefer

Steve Schaefer graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art in Photography. He specialized in historic and alternative processing as well as mixed media. He is a working artist that has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. Steve also holds a Master’s of Art in Teaching and currently an Art Teacher.

Denny Warrenfeltz

Denny Warrenfeltz has been a Floral designer for 40 years and is the owner of Rooster Vane Gardens.

Julie Castillo

Julie (Mooney) Castillo holds a Master of Arts degree in social science from Catholic University and has worked in publishing and film since 1995. She has been a story analyst, editor, writer-for-hire (her credits include two New York Times bestsellers), writing consultant, and instructor.

Deborah Smith Fioli

Deborah Smith Fioli is the President, Senior Consultant, at Landscapre IPM Enterprises, LLC.  She studied at the University of Maryland, where she earned her BS in Horticulture/Ornamentals and her MS in Entomology/Landscape Integrated Pest Management.  Debby is a columnist for HAGERSTOWN magazine and MID-ATLANTIC GROWER.  She is the author of Pest Resistant Key Trees and Shrubs, New Jersey Landscape IPM Manual, a chapter in Integrated Pest Management, and 'Tick Alert' cards.

Elizabeth Hill

Liz is currently a teacher at Maryland School for the Deaf. She has taught grades K-8 and worked for 5 years as a reading specialist. Liz’s education background includes a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with minors in biology and psychology as well as two masters - one in Deaf education and the other in reading specialization. Liz is fluent in American Sign Language.

Jodi White

Jodi White started her dancing career at a large franchise in 1997, and then moved on to study ballroom dance at Brigham Young University and taught as an independent instructor for several years. Since 2010, she's become professionally certified through Dance Vision International Dance Association and is currently adding to her list of professional dance certifications. She continues to teach using the excellent DVIDA system and specializes in social dancing, event preparation and American Rhythm dances.

Sylvia Rogers

Sylvia Rogers has been teaching arthritis exercise programs for 13 years.

Paul Cote, MS, PhD.

Paul is trained academically in the life sciences including physiology and infectious diseases and is a recently retired research professor from Georgetown University Medical Center. He is a 6th dan black belt in Okinawan karate and is a master level instructor of the Chinese internal arts, including xing-yi quan, bagua zhang, and taijiquan (tai chi). He has been teaching tai chi classes for HCC Healthy Living since 2007.

Simone Heurich

For over 40 years, Simone Heurich has been passionate about creating optimal health through yoga and holistic health practices. Simone has taught yoga to people of all ages, from 3 - 93. She is committed to having people get the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of the yoga practice, no matter what their age or where they’re starting from.

Candice Mowbray

Candice Mowbray is currently pursuing a DMA in classical guitar performance from Shenandoah University and she is active both as a teacher and a performer earning featured spots on concert series.

Roger Swartz

Roger Swartz is nationally-acclaimed author and historian.  Program sponsors have included: Smithsonian Associates, the Smithsonian; Mount Vernon Estate; and Historic Bartram's Gardens in Philadelphia.  He teaches many History and Culture courses.

Dennis E. Frye

Dennis E. Frye is a prominent Civil War historian, writer, preservationist, tour guide, and the Chief Historian at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.  He has appeared in numerous documentaries on PBS, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and A&E.

Thomas G. Clemens

Dr. Thomas G. Clemens is a Civil War historian, tour guide, and professor of history at Hagerstown Community College.  He has spoken at various seminars including Pamplin Park, Gettysburg Civil War Institute and Shepherd University Civil War seminar and appeared as an on-screen historian in several History Channel programs.

Karen Gray

Karen Gray holds a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in theology and religious philosophy and retired as the developer of Smithsonian Institution educational study tours for adult.  Karen teaches the Philosophy courses.