Dance Courses

Summer 2014

Fall 2014

Dance Intermediate

Join in the excitement of Ballroom Dancing! This class is designed for those who have had previous ballroom dancing experience and are ready to gain more dance knowledge and improve your dance skills. This popular interme¬diate class will take you to the next level. Find your comfort zone with many rhythms: Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Tango and more.

Fee: $85 Senior Adult Fee: $50 Registration Fee: $8

FIT-007-C1 | 09/04/14-12/11/14 | J. Goodnight | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Classical Ballet

There is no better way to appreciate the art of classical ballet than to try it yourself. This beginner's level class will strengthen your body, increase your flexibility and give you a much richer appreciation of ballet as a viewer. Course will not meet on 10/27/14. Please contact instructor Karen Carpenter at to discuss class attire.

Fee: $79 Registration Fee: $8

FIT-013-C | 09/15/14-11/24/14 | K. Carpenter | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Middle Eastern Dancing

Discover your inner beauty and strength through an exciting and ancient art form of dance. This introduction to belly dancing is a wonderful recreational activity and art form that can be enjoyed at any fitness level. Participants will learn what is common in all belly dance styles and work on exercises that can help them improve posture, strength, and flexibility. Dancing is a great way to relieve tension and stress. This class embraces all body types and ages. Course will not meet on October 28th for Show Week.

Fee: $65 Registration Fee: $8

MBP-068-C1 | 09/16/14-11/04/14 | M. Hobbs | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register