Allied Health Care Courses & Seminars

Spring 2014

Dental Seminar

This course provides information related to conditions and procedures encountered in dental practices. Knowledge gained from this class will be relevant to dentist, dental hygienist, and dental assistants. Topics include: pathophysiology of disorders, diagnostic mechanisms, treatments, and dental therapies.

Fee: $127 Registration Fee: $8

NRS-774-K | 05/16/14-05/16/14 | | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Dementia Training

The course provides professionals who provide direct care to residents in long-term care facilities with a basic understanding of the changes in memory, communication, function, and behavior that occur as a result of Alzheimer's disease and the appropriate intervention strategies to enhance the care they provide to individuals with Alzheimer's disease. The 5 hours of training presented by staff of the Alzheimer's Association (Greater Maryland Chapter) and the Mental Health Association meets the State of Maryland's requirements for Assisted Living providers.

Fee: $45 Registration Fee: $8

NRS-907-K | 05/06/14-05/06/14 | | Check WebAdvisor for course details and Register

Summer 2014