The Nurse Refresher course is a three-step process designed for the Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse to reinstate an inactive Maryland license and consists of a Hybrid Class with 40 classroom hours and online course work totaling 80 hours of content. Areas of concentration include: delivery of care utilizing the nursing process; medication calculation and administration; adult medical/surgical nursing; and current issues, trends, and nursing practice. Classes are held Monday evenings from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. Students are expected to complete assignments on a weekly basis for the online component. Successful completion requires an 80% or higher average score on four exams and completion of 10 weekly assignments with an average score of 80%. There is a required textbook, the cost of which is in addition to the class totals.

Upcoming Classes

Prior to beginning the Clinical Practice component, students must:

  • Possess an active, inactive or temporary Maryland nursing license (RN or LPN) or one from a compact state.
  • Provide documentation of a physical exam (signed by a medical provider – MD, PA, or NP) within 12 months of the start date of clinical practice.
  • Have a current Basic Life Support Health Care Provider CPR card issued by the American Heart Association(AHA). Provider courses and recertification courses are available at HCC.
  • Provide medical documentation or waivers of the following vaccinations: MMR or titre, Varicella or titre, Tetanus, Hepatitis B series, and negative TB test (PPD or Chest X-Ray) - TB results should be within the past 12 months of the start date of Clinical Practice.
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check.

The Nurse Refresher Course will take sixteen weeks to complete

  • Step 1 is 10 weeks of theory, one classroom day per week & online assignments.
  • Step 2 consists of 12 hours of skills labs Friday evening/Saturday.
  • Step 3 consists of 60 hours of clinical hours with a preceptor.

Step 1: Nurse Refresher I Classroom Theory (NRS 988)

Total: $645 | Sr. Total: $401 | Reg Fee: $8

  • Hybrid course consists of 80 hours of theory presented in classroom, online learning, and assignments with the following areas of concentration:
    • Delivery of nursing care utilizing the nursing process
    • Adult Medical/Surgical Nursing
    • Current issues, trends, and nursing practice
  • A Learning portfolio is created during the course.
  • Successful completion includes the Learning Portfolio, weekly quizzes > 80%, participation in online discussion weekly and 80% or higher on the average of four exams spaced through the course.

Step 2: Nurse Refresher Skills Lab (NRS 094)

Total: $346 | Sr. Total: $250 | Reg Fee: $8

  • Students will be provided all supplies required to review, practice, and demonstrate mastery of 12 nursing skills needed to provide nursing care in a state of the art simulation lab.
  • Bring your own stethoscope.

Step 3: Nurse Refresher Clinical (NRS 743)

Total: $240 | Sr. Total $136 | Reg Fee: $8

  • Step 1 and Step 2 are prerequisites.
  • Students must complete 60 clinical hours at an approved site.
  • All requirements listed must be met before starting clinicals.