Conference and Seminar Documents

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2014 Tri-State Echo Society Compliance - Hilary Wilson
Baby Steps to Infant Eye Care - Glen T. Steele
Bauman Game-Based Teaching Presentation
Benshir Health History Sample Form
Benshir Neuro-Optometry Handout
Benshir Vision Checklist
Benshir Vision Disorders Agenda
Bittner Beyond the Amsler Grid Presentation
Bittner Visual Function Improvements Presentation
Blow Dry My Eyes? Management & Review of Corneal Dystrophies - Todd Peabody & Jeff Perotti
Bronj Bisphosphonate Presentation
Cardiac Updates #12 Handouts
Cardiac Updates Agenda - 2013
CCRN Review Presentations
Child Care Emergency Preparedness Flyer - 2013
Cockrell Heart Failure Presentation
Core Lab in Clinical Trials - Therese Tupas-Habib
Does My Patient Need Vision Therapy? - Glen T. Steele
Dyalram Oral Cancer Management Presentation
Dyalram Oral Cancer Presentation
Dyalram Oral Cancer Reconstruction Presentation
Dyalram Oral Cancer Screening Presentation
Dyalram Radiation Therapy Presentation
Echo Risk Stratification - James Lee
Enhanced Echo - Marti McCulloch, BS, MBA, RDCS, FASE
Forneris Debriefing Faculty Guide
Forneris Simulation Scenario 02
Forneris Simulation Thinking Presentation
Gaither Sonography and Stroke Presentation
Giles-Brown OBGYN Sonography Presentation
Hardy Echocardiography Presentation
Hari Cardiomyopathy Presentation
Howard Simulation Presentation
Jeffries Clinical Simulation Presentation
Laser Vision Correction - Sandeep K. Kakaria
Lewis Diastolic Dysfunction Presentation
Mid-Atlantic P.A.N.D.A. Presentation
Mitral Regurgitation - Marti McCulloch, BS, MBA, RDCS, FASE
Morier Genetics in Eyecare Presentation
O'Donnell Debriefing Presentation
O'Kupniak Homegown EMR Presentation
Optometry Program Agenda - 2013
OSHA Hazard Communication Presentation
OSHA Infection Control Presentation
Pediatric Echocardiography - Sarah Clauss, MD
Perretta Simulation Scenarios Presentation
Proper Pharmacologic Prescribing & Disposal for Dental Practitioners
Retinal Vascular Occlusions for the Primary Care Clinician - Todd Peabody & Jeff Perotti
Rupert Simulation Moulage Presentation
Sabia Non-Surgical Cardiac Treatment Presentation
Sarasnick-Simon Understanding Tech Presentation
The Double Vision Dilemma - Tod R. Davis
Training for Dental Professionals Agenda
Training for Dental Professionals Syllabus
Ultrasound in Space - Kathleen Garcia
Vaccari Tranesophageal Echo Presentation
Valvular Disorders: Aortic & Mitral Valve - Betsie Figueroa-Cruz
Vision & Maryland Drivers - Mary Anne Scottino
Weigel Lyme Disease Presentation
What's up, Optometry? A Look at New Ocular Therapeutics - Todd Peabody & Jeff Perotti
Wilson Simulation Techniques Presentation