Pesticide Applicator Training

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) has approved several courses as meeting the requirements for certification in Pesticide Applicator and Business Licensing Requirements. MDA felt that individuals completing specific courses would obtain a good working background in pest control and pesticide use that would be equivalent to the one year of experience. In order for the course to be accepted towards the experience requirements, the individual must, at a minimum, receive a grade of 70 per cent. A copy of the transcript must then be submitted with an application in order to be approved for certification. West Virginia certification is pending approval.

Each of the following courses has been approved as meeting six months of the experience requirements. In order for an individual to be eligible for certification, he/she must complete the course that deals specifically with pesticide use and safety. This course will count towards certification in any category:

  • Pesticide Use and Safety | PLC 921 J | $350

Interested students are to take Pesticide Use and Safety and then choose one of the electives below. Each class is 6 months long and can be taken concurrently:

  • Ornamental Exterior - Landscape IPM | PLC 931 | $350
  • Greenhouse/Interior Ornamental Plant IPM | PLC 932 | $350
  • Turfgrass IPM | PLC 933 | $350
  • General/Structural Pest Management | PLC 934 | $350
  • Aquatic Pest (Weed) Management | PLC 935 | $350
  • Public Health/Mosquito Control | PLC 936 | $325
  • Right of Way Pest Control | PLC 937 | $325

The course selection for satisfying the other six months of required experience will be dependent upon the individual’s needs. These courses have been approved for meeting the requirements within specific categories (e.g., Ornamental Plants and Shade Trees - Exterior Category 3A, Ornamental Plants - Interior Category 3B, Turf and Lawn Pest Control Category 3C, Public Health Category 8 or Agricultural Plant Category 1A). Completion of these courses cannot be used as meeting the experience requirements in other categories of pest control.

For questions or to register, please contact Michael Boyd at 240-500-2490 or