Academic Advising and Registration

Transfer Programs

Transfer programs are degrees with the headings, A.A., A.S., or A.A.T. Transfer programs meet basic requirements of the first two years of college programs for students who plan to transfer to an upper-level college or university and complete the last two years of study. Administration of Justice Arts and Sciences Biology Business Administration Chemistry Computer Science Cybersecurity Early Childhood Education Education Elementary Education Engineering Science English English Education Foreign Language General Studies Health, Physical Education and Leisure Studies History Human Services Mathematics Music Paralegal Studies Physics Political Science Pre-Pharmacy Psychology Sociology Theater Visual Arts

Late-Start Sessions - Spring 2019

The spring semester is off to a great start, but if you haven’t registered, it’s not too late to take classes this spring at HCC. Shorter sessions begin in February and end in April. A variety of traditional and online classes are offered in blocks, so you can take more than one and make the most of your time. Career courses are being offered in allied health and nursing, business, chemical dependency counseling, computer studies, education and public service, industrial and engineering technology, science, and transportation. You can also take pre-requisite and general education classes you need to get started. And, don’t worry if you missed the financial aid deadline for spring. If you act quickly, there’s still time to complete your financial aid and start classes later this spring. So, don’t delay! View classes below and register today. View Late-Start Sessions by: Time Morning Afternoon Evening Online Program Allied Health and Nursing Dental Hygiene, A.A.S. Health Information Management, A.A.S. Medical Assistant, A.A.S. Nursing (Registered Nurse), A.S. Paramedic Emergency Services, A.A.S. Radiography, A.A.S. Business Accounting and Business, A.A.A. Business Administration, A.S. Management, A.A.S. Management, Marketing, A.A.S. Chemical Dependency Counseling Substance Abuse Counseling, A.A.S. Computer Studies Computer Science, A.S. Computer Support Specialist, A.A.S. Cybersecurity, A.A.S. Network Administration, A.A.S. Simulation and Digital Entertainment, A.A.S. Web and Multimedia Technology, A.A.S Education and Public Service Accounting and Business, A.A.S. Health, Physical Education and Leisure Studies, A.A. Human Services, A.S. Human Services Technician, A.A.S. Industrial and Engineering Technology Alternative Energy Technology, A.A.S. Digital Instrumentation and Process Control, A.A.S. Science Biotechnology, A.A.S. Transportation Commercial Transportation Administration, A.A.S. Register Visit to register.

15 to Finish

Hagerstown Community College is committed to helping students complete their degree programs and graduate on time. The “15 to Finish” campaign helps students to understand that, when possible, taking 15 credits a semester will help them to graduate on time and save money. Did you know? It takes an average of five years for a part-time student to complete an associate degree. Students who take 15 or more credits every semester can finish in two years. Students who take 15 credits their first semester are 50% more likely to graduate than other students. Full-time students get better grades than part-time students. Students risk losing Federal financial aid if they don’t finish their programs in a timely manner. Associate degree graduates earn $500 more every month than high school graduates. Visit an advisor today to talk about how you can take advantage of all of the benefits of 15 to Finish. Data on the benefit of taking 15 credits comes from the work of Complete College America. The “15 to Finish” logo is used with permission, and was designed by the University of Hawaii system.