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HCC Style Guide

Adherence to all of the following guidelines is required for approval: All college marketing and promotional materials intended for public consumption must be discussed and approved by the Public Relations and Marketing Office before they can be submitted to Digital Printing and Design Services. This includes posters, fliers, postcards, fact sheets, handouts, booklets, and brochures.   The college’s full name (“Hagerstown Community College”) is to appear at least once, usually on the front cover. “HCC” may be used for subsequent references.   The official college color is Pantone 575 and the college logo is Pantone 575 and black.   The HCC logo is to appear, preferably on the front and/or back covers. The HCC logo must not be altered or combined with other elements so as to change its graphic appearance. (See page 11 of the HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide). The college logo can downloaded at   For mailing, the full college address should be included, and the zip code should include the full nine digits (see example below):     Hagerstown Community College     (Department)     11400 Robinwood Drive     Hagerstown, MD 21742-6514   Where campus telephone number(s) are included, the proper name(s) and contact extension(s) should also be listed. Do not put parentheses around area codes for campus phone numbers.   Writing is to be clear, accurate, and appropriate for the intended audience, free from errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.   Design and graphic presentation are to be tasteful and of appropriately high quality. Microsoft clipart, or clipart of any kind, as well as graphics copied from the Web should not  be used in printed publications.   HCC has approved fonts that are to be used for most promotional materials, in an effort to ensure consistent branding. These are: Humanst is used for headlines. Goudy Old Style is used for body copy. Blackjack is used for accent headlines. Samples of these fonts can be viewed on page 13 of the HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide. HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide Download or print a copy of the official HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide. The guide covers rules and procedures for college publications (print and online), as well as all services offered through the Public Relations and Marketing Office.

Self Publishing

Check with your department chair or office associate for class material guidelines if you are not purchasing a textbook from a publisher for sale to students in the Campus Store. If you have Campus Store materials for duplication that will be sold to the students, when creating the front cover for your material, please include “Hagerstown Community College,” an HCC logo, and the date your material was last revised. ALL FACULTY must complete a Production Requisition with the following information: Contact Name, Department, Telephone Extension, Project Name, Date Submitted, Date Wanted (actual date needed or semester to be used), Number of Originals (count number of pages, printing on front and back of a page counts as two originals), and Number of Copies Requested (leave this area blank). The Campus Store manager will determine quantity. The Campus Store manager’s goal is to sell ALL materials placed in the Campus Store for a semester. Under Special Instructions please specify number of copies requested for Divisions (if needed). Production Information - Check ALL boxes necessary for completing your project. Printing/Duplicating B/W OR Color 1 to 1 sided -- Original has printing on 1 side only and final copy will be duplicated on 1 side only 1 to 2 sided -- Original has printing on one side, but duplicated copy will be printed on both sides (front to back) 2 to 2 sided -- Original has print on both sides and duplicated copy will be the same Paper Size 8 ½” x 11”, 8 ½” x 14”, (choose a size from the drop down box) Color - White or Color (choose a color from the drop down box) Cover(s) - Select color (choose a color from the drop down box) Finishing (choose any procedure[s] necessary to complete project) Collate Staple - 1 or 2 left side staples Fold Punch - 3-hole Pad (sheets per pad) Bind - Coil, Comb, Perfect Bound, or Saddle Stitch Laminate Shrink Wrap Deliver or upload your originals to Digital Printing & Design Services. Digital Printing & Design Services will contact the Campus Store manager to confirm the number of copies to be placed in the Campus Store. Please note in the 'Special Instruction' section if material has been updated since the last duplication so that any remaining Campus Store stock will NOT be sold to students, but removed from the shelf and replaced with the new, up-to-date material.

Bulk Mailing

This information provides an overview of the requirements for bulk mailings and suggestions to help you get the best service at the lowest cost. Digital Printing & Design Services processes automation rate, Non-Profit Standard Presort and First Class Presort mailings as a service for Hagerstown Community College offices, departments and college affiliated organizations. Presorted Mail is a form of mail preparation, required to bypass certain postal operations, in which the mailer groups pieces in a mailing by ZIP Code or by carrier route or carrier walk sequence (or other USPS recommended separations). There are two ways to mail utilizing the bulk mail system: Non-Profit Standard Presort: the most cost effective way to send mail. Standard presort can reduce the cost of mailing brochures, postcards, and letters to as low as 13¢ per piece, as opposed to 42¢ for First Class regular mail. This type of mailing may take up to ten days for delivery. With advance planning and depending on your delivery needs, it is recommended that you schedule your mailings to make use of Standard Presort. A minimum of 200 addressed mail pieces is required to utilize this method of mailing. First Class Presort: Takes up to five business days for delivery. The price break for presorted first class mailing is approximately 10¢ per piece. Only use First Class Presort when high priority delivery service is necessary. A minimum of 500 addressed mail pieces is required to utilize First Class Presort. These discount mailings can reduce postage costs and generate considerable savings for the College and, in many situations, give you faster, more accurate delivery. Digital Printing & Design Services provides hardware, software, trained staff, and support enabling you to take full advantage of automated discounts. Non-Profit Bulk Mail Non-Profit Standard bulk mail generates the best discount! USPS requirements for a Presort Bulk mailing include: Minimum piece count for Standard Presort Bulk mailing is 200. First Class Presort has a minimum of 500. All mail pieces must be identical (same size, weight, content, and texture). May not have personal notes. Only domestic mail may be sent at Non-Profit/Bulk rate. Hagerstown Community College involvement must be stated in the piece. Because the mailing permit is under Hagerstown Community College’s name, the USPS requires that the first line of the sender’s address on each piece of mail to read “Hagerstown Community College.”    HAGERSTOWN COMMUNITY COLLEGE    (Your Department’s name here)    11400 ROBINWOOD DR    HAGERSTOWN MD 21742-6514 HCC’s indicia (permit imprint) is required in the upper right corner on the envelope or mail piece. The imprint will be facing the same direction as the return address and recipient’s address. Only college material is to be mailed using the permit. The permit is not to be shared, rented, delegated or lent to any other organization. Joint ventures or advertising for “For-profit” entities (e.g., travel agents, hotels, etc.) is strictly prohibited. If you request left over pieces from a bulk mail project be returned to you and later decide to mail one or more of the mail pieces and the mail piece is imprinted with the mailing permit, it must be mailed regular First Class and the postage stamp must cover the pre-printed indicia on the mail piece. If your mailing includes the insertion of a Business Reply Mail (BRM) postcard or envelope, please take note of the following information: Due to strict regulations from the USPS, Digital Printing & Design Services must design, print, and submit samples of the printed BRM postcard or return envelope for approval. Until approval is received from the USPS Design Analyst we can not release the printed piece for distribution. If your mailing includes a BRM envelope or card, it must be automatable. If you plan to send your mailing at the automation rate, contact Digital Printing & Design Services. The college maintains a First Class Business Permit to provide a cost-effective means for departments to receive mail responses for surveys, information requests, etc. A specially formatted pre-addressed card or envelope can be provided at no postage cost to the respondent so they can easily return the request. The College is charged for the number of pieces of returned mail at the applicable first class rate of postage plus a .03¢ USPS accounting fee. The mail is then routed to your department after it is received. BRM is very effective when a high number of responses are necessary. Database Preparation When compiling an address database for a bulk mailing take into account the following to ensure quality data for delivery of your mailings: The most important component of your database is data quality. Ensure each field of a database is accurate, up-to-date, and only one record within the database exists for an individual contact. Establish standards and maintain the quality and integrity of your mailing database. All entries in a column contain identical information, such as first name, last name, organization, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip code. When data types are mixed within a column, inaccuracies may result. Make data entry in your database consistent. Data quality means that the address actually exists, the person or business associated with the address in fact is located at the address. Software utilized for our bulk mailings can provide new addresses for someone that has moved if they have updated their information with the USPS. Avoid using punctuation because of its effect on the post office’s OCR (optical character readers). Do not substitute the letter “O” for the number zero. Do not exceed a 50 character line length (8 pt Arial) in any single address line. Duplicate detection software included in the bulk mailing system helps identify record redundancy. However, data entry is the point at which duplicates need to be prevented. Do not exceed five address lines. For example:  Name  Organization  Address 1  Address 2  City State Zip Name: Include title, first name, middle initial, last name and possibly suffix. If desired, an ID number could appear on this line. Organization: This includes a department, organization, or business’ name. Address 1: This is the address to which the post office will deliver the mail piece. All addresses must include an Address 1 address. Address 2: This is the secondary delivery address (may include apartment number, suite number, etc.). Address 2 is a very important part of maintaining data quality. If the person you are mailing the mail piece to, lives in an apartment building or works in an office building, the U.S. Postal Service will not deliver the mail if the apartment number, suite number, etc. is missing. City: Spell the names of the towns and cities out completely (no abbreviations). State: Use the official two-letter state abbreviations. Zip Code: Use the official 5-digit ZIP code. Digital Printing & Design Services mailings are processed through the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification software to insert the plus-4 ZIP code extensions. Corrected Mailing Lists Address data will be checked and standardized with the Postal Service’s national address database. Names and addresses that are rejected by the software will be emailed to you electronically in Excel spreadsheets. Addresses that do not match information in the U.S. Postal system’s national address database cannot be mailed at discount rates. Digital Printing & Design Services will attempt to determine why addresses do not match and provide you with this information. Digital Printing & Design Services will delete these addresses from your mailing and provide you with the names and addresses that were deleted so you may remove them from your database or research an accurate address and correct your database for future mailings. Then if you choose, you can mail the piece First Class to the addressee. In addition to the deleted addresses, we will electronically send to you all addresses that have minor corrections and/or new addresses due to Move Update information as provided by the USPS. Helpful Hints If you purchase a mailing list, be sure to request CASS certification and be provided with USPS Form 3553 (CASS Summary Report). Effective November 23, 2008, all address lists are required to be processed every 95 days through USPS Move Update in order to qualify for the presort discount. Contact Digital Printing & Design Services at ext. 275 if you have any questions regarding proper database preparation. Do not include names containing the zip code 21746. This zip code applies to the Correctional Institutions on Roxbury Road, Hagerstown, MD. The Correctional System will not accept mail that does not contain an inmate’s cell number. Mail Piece Preparation The following information is provided to make you aware of the services Digital Printing & Design Services can and does provide in conjunction with bulk mailings: Digital Printing & Design Services provides design and consulting services to help ensure that your mailing will get the fastest delivery at the lowest postage and production cost. We strongly recommend that you have us design and print your mail piece, as well as, all mailing components. Digital Printing & Design Services can do a mail merge with a letter addressed to each addressee, fold, insert into a window envelope, and seal the envelope. Digital Printing & Design Services can fold and tab booklets, double postcards, flyers and brochures, then inkjet the addresses, bar codes, and endorsements onto the mail piece or we can also print addresses with barcodes on labels. Digital Printing & Design Services can import your mailing list into our software that will CASS certify addresses, verify your mailing list for Delivery Point Validation (DPV), search for duplicates, update addresses with Move Update, sort mail for best price, and provide USPS documentation for the mailing. Digital Printing & Design Services can process multiple databases and merge them into one mailing list if all field names contain the same type data in the submitted databases. Our software will eliminate duplications in the merged mailing list thus, reducing postal costs. Digital Printing & Design Services will bundle, tray, bag, tie, sleeve, strap, and complete all necessary documentation according to USPS requirements. Your mailing will be delivered to the post office by Mailroom staff on your desired mailing date.

Business Cards

Business cards are available for all faculty and staff with one standard design for all employees. Place an order for Business Cards: Please fill out the Business Card Requisition Webform.

Production Design

Submission of Production Projects Your project is a Production Project if it requires any of the following: Artwork (photos, graphics, etc.) Binding (coil, comb, perfect bound, saddle stitching) CD/DVD duplication Collating (booklets) Desktop Publishing File conversion/manipulation File transmission Folding Graphic Design Inserting/folding/sealing Laminating Larger than 11” x 17” Mail Merge Mailing Services (bar coding) Mounting on foam board NCR (carbonless) paper Padding Printing Posters/Signs Scanning Shrink Wrap Tabbing Trimming, cutting Typesetting Vinyl Signage If any of the above services are required to finalize your project, you MUST submit your project with the Production Requisition Webform. Please fill out the requisition form completely, including: Date Wanted - ASAP is not a date! Fill in the date you need the project, if we can’t complete the project by the date specified we will contact you. Project - When submitting your project, please identify your project by name. Copies, Course Numbers, or Production Project are often confusing when we receive multiple projects at the same time. Including the name of your project helps us locate your project should you call us with questions. Check All Services Required - Do not assume that we know how you want your project finished or that we can remember what we did the last time the project was in the office. Special Instructions - Add any additional information that you feel will help us complete your project correctly. Account Numbers - Cost Center Managers must include the proper account number that copies or project are to be charged. Projects will not be started until we have a completed requisition. Copying projects are usually ready for pick up the next day. We stock a variety of papers in different colors and weights and can special order paper when necessary for projects. We are committed to the enhancement and promotion of the College by producing high quality printed materials and are available to assist you in attaining the completion of your project in the most proficient manner in order to meet your expectations and goals. Consultations regarding your project at the planning phase enable us to provide you with the maximum quality, the fastest turnaround time, and the lowest cost. In order to avoid delay in the completion of your project, please call Digital Printing & Design Services at extension 387 when you have questions or to set up an appointment to discuss available services and the necessary steps to meet your goals. Please be aware that Publisher files will no longer be revised in any way and will be copied/printed as submitted only if they meet the graphic identity design requirements of the College, the Print and Copy Guidelines as defined by the College Administration, and U.S. Postal regulations, where deemed necessary. Publisher files allow limited manipulation and are not suitable for enlarging or reducing in order to obtain a specific size other than as originally created. Publisher files are NOT ACCEPTABLE for any project that has to be run on a press. If this project is a reprint, provide a sample of the earlier printing with changes clearly marked in RED, and any new copy in an unformatted Word document. All copy submitted for publication that requires typesetting, whether a new publication or a reprint project with revisions, must be submitted electronically, on CD/DVD, or on disk and is to be keyed in without formatting, following these specifications: Typed flush left No bold, italic, underlining, centering, justification, etc. You may provide a sample/printout of the layout/design you are requesting for clarification (with your copy formatted) to facilitate the satisfactory completion of your project. Any photos submitted for project(s) must be 150 dpi for copying and 300 dpi for printing at 100% of size requested. The department or person submitting the project is solely responsible for accurate content and spelling. Digital Printing & Design Services does not proofread content submitted electronically, on CD/DVD or disk. All copy is subject to editing for conformance with the Graphic Identity Design and Copy Requirements. The use of Microsoft graphics is strongly discouraged and Microsoft Publisher files are not accepted for projects requiring redesign or printing (unless provided as a sample only) due to the significant limitations of the software. Digital Printing & Design Services subscribes to Shutterstock, a site that supplies quality photos, graphics, and artwork. You can view the photos at and include the item number on your requisition. Requests should be initiated as early as possible. The amount of time required to complete a design/printing request varies depending on the complexity of the project, if special paper or materials need to be ordered, and the workload in Digital Printing & Design Services at the time a request is received. Simple jobs that are printed in-house can often be turned around within one or two weeks. Projects requiring extensive typesetting, formatting, design, or those to be printed by external vendors, normally require more time. Additional Services CD/DVD Services Duplication - The CD/DVD duplication process “burns” your content directly onto pre-existing CDR/DVD-R disk. We duplicate only, we do not author, modify, or remaster CD/DVDs. Disc Printing - We offer full color inkjet printing directly on to the disk. If you supply artwork it should be in vector format or if you submit a bitmap, it must be 300 dpi or higher. Jewel Cases - Standard clear plastic cases are available to store the CD/DVDs and an insert with a graphic design identifying the contents can be provided. Laminating Laminating is used to preserve and protect cards, certificates, color printer/copier output, photos, newspaper articles, and documents. In-house laminating is available in sizes up to 11” x 17”. Lamination of larger sized projects is available from outside sources. Folder/Inserter/Sealer Our Secap SI3400 Inserting System is capable of inserting and folding up to 5 sheets, in addition to inserting a #9 envelope or return postcard into a #10 envelope and sealing the envelope. For specific details on additional folding and inserting capabilities of this equipment, please contact Digital Printing & Design Services at ext. 2275. Vinyl Signage Custom vinyl decals are shapes, such as letter forms or logos cut out of adhesive backed vinyl by a computer guided laser based on vector art. Vinyl lettering is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Vinyl letters can be applied to many sign background materials including plywood, aluminum, plastics, corrugated plastic, foam display board, glass, and almost any other smooth surface. Standard available colors: Green Blue Yellow Black Gold White Red Digital Printing & Design Services stocks white sign blanks in sizes up to 36” x 24” and metal stakes to support the signs when placed in the ground. We also stock heavy white vinyl banner material in 200’ rolls which is molecularly fused into solid lengths with grommets on the top and bottom edges. This material is 24” high and can be cut to any desired length. Both of these products are very durable and hold up well when exposed to inclement weather, thus making them reusable for multiple events. Coil Binding Coil binding is one of the newer forms of binding, in which coils, comprised of a single coil of plastic, are wound in a continuous spiral and feed through holes in the binding edge of the sheets. Pages turn very easily and the book will lay completely flat. Pages may also be opened back to back, while remaining flat. This type of binding is very durable and crush-resistant. Spiral coils are stocked in black, but are available in 12 additional colors by special order. Plastic Comb Binding Plastic comb binding (also referred to as GBC binding) does not allow pages to be rotated in a full circle, but they do align. Pages can be inserted and removed if necessary, which is an advantage for reports and works in progress. Plastic combs are stocked in black only, and will accommodate a quantity of pages up to two inches in thickness. For those who need their books to lay flat, this type of binding is ideal. Ten additional colors are available by special order. Perfect Bound Binding Perfect bound binding consists of a thermal cloth or leather strip with a heated glue backing which is wrapped around the binding edge, and partway onto both covers, holding each page in place. An attractive and modern alternative to comb and coil binding, thermal tape or leather binding offers a high quality professional appearance. Cloth strips are stocked in black. Fifteen additional colors are available in cloth and seven colors are available in leather by special order only. Saddle Stitching Saddle stitching is a form of binding in which a document of two or more pages is folded in half, and two staples are forced through its backbone or spine. This binding is very durable and is excellent for newsletters, catalogs, programs, and pamphlets. Paper Drill/3-Hole Punch Three-hole punching in conjunction with a three-ring binder provides a durable binding solution. Pages turn very easily and will lay completely flat. Pages can be inserted and/or removed at will, which is an advantage for reports or handbooks that will need to be updated periodically. Tabbing Tabbing offers fast efficient sealing of self- mailers. White tabs or clear wafer seals are applied to newsletters, double postcards, small catalogs, tri-fold brochures, and other open-ended mail as required by the U.S. Postal Service in order to qualify for postal discounts. Padding Padding compound glue is used to make notepads and scratch pads. A special adhesive is utilized to make NCR carbonless sets. The glue or adhesive is brushed on and allowed to dry to hold sheets together. Booklet Maker Our Horizon SPF-9 Booklet Maker has the capability of collating, stapling, folding, and trimming up to 10 sheets in one operation to automatically create booklets. Booklets can be created in finished sizes from 5 ½” x 8 ½” up to 8 ½” x 11”.

Paper Supplies

Digital Printing & Design Services provides copy paper for faculty and staff use (not to include student labs). Copy paper is available in white and 11 other colors. These supplies are available by completing the Paper Supplies Requisition Webform.   HCC Letterhead and Envelopes Standard Design College letterhead and envelopes have a standard design used throughout the College. Letterhead is printed on white paper stock with the College logo printed in Pantone 575 (green) and black. The address, phone number, and web address are also printed in black. Two types of white envelopes are available: #10 regular and #10 window, both printed with the HCC logo in green and black and the text in black. #9 Business Reply envelopes are available when requested and are printed in a single color, either Pantone 575 or black. Business Reply (BRM) envelopes must be submitted to the U.S. Postal Service for certification after they have been printed to ensure that they meet USPS specifications. This process takes approximately 7-10 business days. Please allow sufficient time for this process when requesting BRM envelopes. Procedure for Personalized Letterhead and Envelope Orders To request letterhead and envelopes with individual department names printed on them, use the Production Requisition Webform. Allow 10-14 business days for printing.