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HCC does not test or diagnose for disabilities. Students who suspect that they have a disability and would like to receive accommodations through the college may: Contact their insurance company to find out if they will pay for a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation. Obtain a formal diagnosis from a certified professional, including a psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, or other learning disabilities specialist. The following is a resource list of several places that conduct testing services among others. Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) The Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) has programs and services that help people with significant disabilities go to work in careers of their choice.  If eligible, DORS may conduct a psychological assessment to better understand strengths and potential career options. Fees: No fee for evaluation Location: Professional Arts Building 5 Public Square Suite 411 Hagerstown, MD 21740 Phone: 301-791-4760 Fax: 301-739-8464 Sally Schmidt, Ph.D. Dr. Schmidt provides psychological testing and psycho-educational assessments to address current academic functioning and suggested accommodations. Fees: Fee for service to be determined Location: 1140 Opal Ct. Suite 217 Phone: 301-790-1560 Vic Cardinale, Ph.D. Doctor Cardinale provides a wide range of assessments including testing for diagnosis and treatment for psycho-educational assessments for ADHD and learning disorders. Fees: Fees for service to be determined, Insurance accepted Location: 9191 Brin Blvd. Chambersburg, PA 17201 Phone: 717-496-8004 Fax: 717-496-8005 Jeff Lensbower Fees: Fees for service to be determined Location: 1970 Scotland Ave. Chambersburg, PA 17201 Phone: 717-263-6370 Fax: 717-263-9579 Monacacy Neurodevelopment Center Monacacy Neurodevelopment Center is a multidisciplinary center developed to provide both diagnostic and treatment services for individuals suffering from neurodevelopmental challenges and support. Holly Martin (Intake Coordinator) Fees: Fees for service to be determined Location: 65 Thomas Johnson Dr. Frederick, MD 21702 Phone: 301-662-3808 Fax: 301-695-9694 Ashburn Psychological Services Offers psycho-educational evaluation, emotional disorder, auditory processing testing, and ADHD screening. Chris (Intake Manager) Fees: Fees for service to be determined Location: 44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza Suite 251 Ashburn, VA Phone: 703-723-2999 Fax: 703-723-4144 Applied Counseling & Psych-Educational Services Provides testing for various cognitive, emotional and learning disabilities Myra L. Burgee, Ph.D. Fees: To be determined Location: Jackson Place South 932 Hungerford Dr. Suite 5B Rockville, MD 20850 Phone: 301-933-2374 Fax: 301-253-5859 The University of Maryland Psychology Clinic The Psychology Clinic provides evidenced-based psychological assessment and treatment for a wide variety of concerns and issues. Psychological assessment includes cognitive evaluations for learning disabilities and intelligence testing as well as diagnostic assessments for Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The Psychology Clinic is staffed by Clinical Psychology Faculty and graduate students from the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. For more information please call number below. Fees: Sliding scale from $750-$1350 based on household income. Location: 2114 Biology-Psychology Building College Park, MD 20850 Phone: 301-405-4808 Anne Arundel Counseling Center Provides diagnostic psychological and psychiatric evaluations Fees: Psychiatric evaluation (Psychiatric Nurse Practioner – medication monitoring) $500; Diagnostic Psychological evaluation-$1,500 Location: 7310 Ritchie Highway, Suite 1009 Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Phone: 410-768-5988 If other services are known which are not included on this list, please contact the coordinator of disability support services at 240-500-2273. Hagerstown Community College does not endorse or assume responsibility for any service or treatment provided on this list. This listing is given by request for those students with possible learning disabilities.

Disability Support Services

HCC provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and its amendments. Although the college does not have a special education program for students with disabilities, the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office coordinates the provision of reasonable accommodations which are determined on an individual basis. These accommodations allow students to be evaluated not on the effects of their disability, but instead on their knowledge and understanding of course material. In no case, however, will the college modify essential requirements for any course or degree program for students with disabilities. All accommodations are based upon documentation that must be provided by a licensed or certified professional. It is the student’s responsibility to identify him/herself to the DSS Office at least two weeks prior to the start of classes to allow time for necessary arrangements to be made. The DSS Office can assist students in the application, advising, and financial aid process as well as the accommodation process.  Please feel free to contact DSS staff with questions pertaining to any of these areas. Common Accommodations Include: Testing in a quiet, distraction-free area Extended testing time Tests read to the student Note takers Use of a tape recorder Special seating, usually in the front of the room Written copies of orally presented materials Lecture outlines Use of a calculator Use of a word processor for assignments Use of interpreters How Do I Obtain Accommodations? Make an appointment for an initial intake meeting with a DSS staff member by calling 240-500-2530. At this intake meeting, necessary paperwork will be completed and appropriate accommodations will be discussed. Relevant disability documentation should be brought to this meeting. Stop by the DSS Office during the first week of classes each semester to pick up your accommodation forms. Ask professors to sign an accommodation form, discuss with them which accommodations may be needed for that specific course, and sign the forms yourself. Return the signed forms to the DSS Office. Documentation Guidelines Generally documentation should be recent and include a formal evaluation, diagnosis of a disability, and provide recommendations concerning academic accommodations Documentation should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, examining the impact of the disability on the student and within the specific context of the request for accommodations; Determination of a disability should not require the use of any specific language; Documentation may be augmented by interview with the student and contact with the evaluator for needed clarification; Determination of accommodations is an interactive process and should not be dictated by any one party; Documentation of a specific disability does not translate directly into a specific accommodation or set of accommodations Disability documentation will be treated in a confidential manner. If students suspect that they have a disability and do not have appropriate documentation, please see the referral list or contact the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office. Tuition Waiver for Students with Disabilities  Students with documented disabilities in Maryland and receiving SSI and SSDI benefits are eligible for a tuition waiver.  Students must complete a FAFSA and the required documentation with the Academic Advising and Registration Office.  Your FAFSA and other paperwork must be submitted by the first day of classes to be considered eligible for that semester.  The paperwork submitted will last for one year.  The waiver will only apply to tuition and fees not covered by the Pell Grant and other scholarships (student loans are not included). More information at: mhec.maryland.gov Disability Forms Accessibility Request Form Accessibility Statement Electronic Textbook Request Form Exam Reader/Scribe Request Form Intake Form Note Taker Request Form Release Form Reservation Form for Private Room Additional Information DSS Handbook Disability Services at HCC Disability Services FAQ Disability Services: High School vs. College Financial Aid and Students with Disabilities Handicapped Accessibility Campus Map Test Anxiety Tips

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Due to campus construction, many changes have been made regarding parking arrangements. However, HCC remains committed to providing accessible parking for students requiring handicapped spaces. If you are a student with a disability and have concerns about getting to your class, please complete the following form.