Neighbor-State Rate

Do you qualify for HCC’s new Neighbor-State Rate? You do if you live in: Franklin and Fulton Counties, Pa. Berkeley, Morgan, and Jefferson Counties, W.V. Loudoun County, Va. A new Maryland law now allows Hagerstown Community College to offer discounted out-of-state tuition for those counties that border Washington County. The new Neighbor-State Rate is $230 per credit, beginning fall 2017 That saves you $48 on each three-credit class ($960 on a 60-credit degree)

Spring 2018 Tuition Payment Deadline

Spring tuition is due by December 8 or within one week of registering for classes, whichever comes first. The tuition bill can be paid online through WebAdvisor or over the phone by calling 240-500-2220. For more information, contact the Finance Office at 240-500-2220.

Thursday, December 8, 2016 (All day)

Federal & State Aid - Cost of Attendance

The following chart shows estimated costs and expenses for the 2017-2018 academic year: Residency Status Tuition per Credit Hour Annual Tuition and Fees* Full Time (12 Credits) 3/4 Time (9 credits) Half Time (6 credits) Less than Half Time (3 credits) In-County $119 $4080 $2040 $1530 $1020 $510 Out-of-County $187 $6060 $3030 $2273 $1515 $758 Out-of-State $246 $7800 $3900 $2925 $1950 $975 Neighbor-State Rate $230 $7470 $3735 $2801 $1868 $934 *Annual expenses listed above and below are for a two semester year and are based on a combination of tuition, college fees, and possible lab fees, as some courses require labs. Your actual billing may vary based on your credit load and class schedule. Additional Annual Expenses   Books and Supplies $1720 Note: All costs are subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Trustees of Hagerstown Community College. Transportation $1036 Personal and Educational Expenses $1230 Room and Board* Independent $11222 Living with Relatives $5326 *HCC does not offer on-campus housing. Estimates are from local rental opportunities in Washington County, MD.