Learning Support Center

LSC Calendars & Workshops

Workshop Calendar The Learning Support Center offers a series of workshops to help HCC students improve their writing and math skills and develop time management, note-taking, and organization skills that they can use beyond the classroom. All workshops meet in LSC-113 (the “fishbowl”) opposite Info Desk 1. Space is limited, so registration is required. Check the WORKSHOP CALENDAR for a schedule of all workshops. See what's happening THIS WEEK.   Nursing Workshops and Study Appointments If you are a nursing student wishing to attend workshops or to schedule study sessions, please visit the NURSING CALENDAR to see available time slots.

LSC Faculty Resources

Library Research/LSC Writing Session Request Form The Library Research/LSC Writing Session Request Form enables faculty and staff to submit requests to utilize the instructional resources available at the Learning Support Center, including tours, workshops/study groups, textbooks, and technology/software. The Fletcher Center The services of the Adjunct Commons and the Fletcher Faculty Development Center are available to assist all HCC faculty members. The Fletcher Center is located in the Behavioral Sciences and Humanities Building (formerly known as the Classroom Building). Professional development materials and resources are available for use by faculty in the Fletcher Center. Academic Services & Online Education The Academic Services & Online Education (formerly known as Online Education & Instructional Support Services Department) oversees Learning Technology (LT), Distance Education (including Moodle management), the Fletcher Faculty Development Center, Internship and Job Services, the Library, and the Academic Testing Center. Academic Testing Center Faculty Guides & Forms The Academic Testing Center (ATC) administers course exams in a student-friendly and efficient manner. In addition to following specific guidelines and procedures, faculty must complete an instructor form for each exam to be proctored at the ATC.