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Math Jamie Moore M.A.T. Mathematics (University of Idaho) B.A. Mathematics (Hood College) A.S. Physics, A.S. Engineering (Hagerstown Community College) Jamie enjoys playing all sports, working in studio arts, and exploring the outdoors. David Grimes B.S. Mathematics, Education Minor (McDaniel College) Secondary Teaching Certification (Maryland) David wants more time to pursue his film-and-video hobby - behind the camera and in front of it. Science Chris Nelling M.S. Biology (Shippensburg University) B.S. Microbiology and Biochemistry (Penn State University) Chris was going to say something about sodium, but decided “Na.” Deb Henson M.S. Environmental Biology (Hood College) B.A. Biology (Hood College) Deb enjoys photography and exploring nature with her family. Business John Kulusic Currently pursuing a master's degree (Frostburg State University) B.S. Accounting (Frostburg State University) A.A.S. Accounting (Hagerstown Community College) John likes skiing, guitars, photography, and computers. Writing Liz Hadley M.A.  English Language and Literature (The Catholic University of America) M.A.  Irish Studies (The Catholic University of America) B.A. English (Hood College) Liz collects costumes and loves to attend renaissance and fairy festivals. Marti Grahl B.A. English (Shepherd University) Marti is happiest when she has her knitting, her iPad, and a good cup of coffee close at hand.  

LSC Resource Center

Online Resources All Subjects Study Guides & Strategies for all subjects Study Blue online flash cards CK-12: Free textbooks, videos, and more Writing and English Guide to Grammar and Writing Grammar Handouts & Exercise Packets Essay & Composition Handouts Writing a Research Paper Research & Documentation The Bedford Handbook: Resources VirtuaLit Interactive Tutorials on literary elements MLA Literature Paper Math StatCrunch Manual Math instructional videos Khan Academy Science Chemistry & Biology Handouts Periodic Table Chemistry - Tutorials and practice problems Chemistry - 101 outlines, tutorials, and practice problems Chemistry - Videos on Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Mole Conversions, Solution Concentration Biology - In-depth tutorials with introduction, animation, conclusion, and quiz Biology - Animated lessons Biology - Interactive Cell-Structure and Organelles Biology - Genetics overview Handouts Writing Sentence Combining The Writing Process Body Paragraph Graphic Organizer Essay Outline Graphic Organizer Strategies for Essay Revision Quick Guide to Punctuation Marks Transitions and Conjunctive Adverbs Commonly Confused Words Setup for an MLA Paper Setup for an APA Paper Setup for a Chicago Paper Searching the Library Databases Math Math 098 Formula Sheet Math 099 Formula Sheet Math 100 Formula Sheet Math 101 Graphs – Basic Graphs – Parent Graphs Math 101 Notes for Test 2 Math 101 Notes for Test 3 Math 161 Formula Sheet Statistics Packet Graph Paper – Six Grids with Axes Unit Circle – Full Annotated   Science Biology - Tutorial for Creating a chart with Microsoft Excel 2013 Chemistry - Tutorial for Creating a chart with Microsoft Excel 2013 Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 103) Placement Exam: Students are advised to contact the staff in the LSC for information and study strategies on how to prepare for the exam. Below are documents that describe the A and P Placement Test including a summary, various study methods, an outline, and three practice exams with answers: A & P Placement Exam Summary A & P Placement Exam Fine Print A & P Placement Exam Learning Outcomes A & P Placement Exam Outline Practice Exam 1 Practice Exam 2 Practice Exam 3 All Subjects Setting SMART Goals  

Online Writing Center

Thank you for visiting the LSC’s Online Writing Center. We offer help with all writing assignments (not just English) at any stage of the writing process. We provide two types of online tutoring: ask a question or receive written feedback through email. Ask a QuestionGot a quick question about writing? You can use this option to ask specific questions about grammar/punctuation, organization, thesis statements, research/citation styles, and more. We’ll do our best to answer your question or direct you to other valuable resources. Submit your Writing OnlineIf you would like a more thorough response to your writing, submit it here. We strive to give you feedback that you can use to revise your work. You will receive a response within 48 hours of submitting your assignment, so please be aware of this turnaround time when submitting your work. If you need a faster response, please consider visiting the LSC in person during our regular hours of operation.

Learning Support Center

The mission of the HCC Learning Support Center (LSC) is to engage and empower students to become independent, resourceful learners. The intention is for the LSC to become a hub where students, learning support specialists, and faculty work as a team to reach common academic goals. Fostering an optimal learning environment for supplemental instruction, the LSC will offer resources which both students and faculty may rely on to impact course success levels. The LSC provides academic support to all students taking credit and non-credit courses at HCC. Services & Materials The LSC professional staff has content area specialties of English, writing, science, math, business, accounting and economics, and computer technology. In addition, staff has more than two dozen peer tutors with expertise in a vast array of subjects. The LSC offers individual drop-in tutoring (no appointments necessary), scheduled peer-led small group studies, supplemental instruction, workshops, and specialized assistance with specific populations, such as TRiO: Student Support Services. Many students come to have a quiet place to study, even if help is not needed, because they do not have an appropriate study environment at home or elsewhere. Study groups for a variety of subjects meet throughout the week to review material and support the learning process. Small study rooms are available upon request. Check with a staff member for more information. Computers with printing (Windows and Mac), scientific and graphing calculators, specialized graphics programs, science models, and technology equipment for hands-on training are available for student use in the LSC. Handouts, calculators, earphones, lab information, helpful texts, and other materials can be checked out for use while students are here. Additionally, the LSC offers student-led, drop-in tutoring for specific subjects. Please check with staff for a current schedule.