Student Activities


The STEM Club promotes a better understanding of all aspects of STEM fields and careers and provides educational activities related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

S.O.L.O (Supporting Our Little Ones)

This organization does several things to enhance the environment for children: fundraisers to replace or repair equipment, purchase supplies, organize family and friend activities, and a volunteer program to come in and read to children, do an art project, or any other activity or service to benefit the children and the Children’s Learning Center.

Robinwood Players Theater Club

The Robinwood Players Theater Club is open to students interested in the performing arts. The club's goals are to promote a better understanding of all aspects of the performing arts and to foster the performing arts at Hagerstown Community College by providing opportunities to explore, develop, create, share and support dance, dramatic and musical productions.

Radiography Club

The Radiography Club is open to students interested in pursuing a career in Radiography and serves as a vehicle to discuss topics relating to radiologic technology and the field of medicine.

Psychology & Sociology Club

The Psychology and Sociology Club aligns with HCC’s psychology and sociology programs to promote the practical application and offer extracurricular activities related to the two fields. All students are encouraged to join, regardless of major, who have an interest in exploring these topics.

International Club

The International Club is open to all students who have an interest in learning about foreign cultures and discussing international topics. This is a growing club so students are encouraged to share ideas about possible club events or activities.