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TRiO: Upward Bound FAQ

Do you need to be a high achieving student to be involved in Upward Bound? No. However, you do need to demonstrate a strong interest in attending college, which means that you must have at least a GPA of 2.00 and are trying to improve. What is necessary to be involved in the HCC Upward Bound program? You need to be either ‘income-eligible’ or the first in your family to graduate from college. What does Upward Bound do to prepare students for college? During the school year, Upward Bound students participate in a number of activities, including tutoring after school, Saturday Sessions, college tours, as well as academic and cultural enrichment activities. Transportation is provided for all Upward Bound activities. What summer activities does the Upward Bound program have to prepare students for college? During the summer, a six-week Upward Bound Summer Academy is available for students. This program provides students with the opportunity to take English, math, Spanish and science courses, attend field trips and potentially earn 2 high school credits toward graduation, or earn between 3 and 9 college credits. Transportation is provided during the Summer Academy. How much does it cost to participate in all of these activities? The cost absolutely free! Where do I pick up an application? You may fill out an Upward Bound application online or visit the Upward Bound coach at your high school. You may also come to the Upward Bound main office on the campus of HCC located in the Advanced Technology Center, room 207. Please call ahead of time, as we are regularly at the high schools. Why are parents required to submit financial information? Is this information passed on to other agencies? (Financial information includes tax statements, unemployment information, Social Security information, etc.) Upward Bound is a federally-funded program that requires proof of eligibility, which is the reason that these documents are requested. Personal information to prove eligibility is not forwarded or shared with others. All information is completely confidential. Does participation in Upward Bound improve my child's chances of getting into college? Absolutely. Over 90% of Upward Bound students are admitted to college upon their high school graduation. Are parents required to participate in Upward Bound activities? Yes, Upward Bound sees college preparation as a joint partnership with parents and the schools. Does Upward Bound help students with other matters aside from college? Absolutely. Staff is available to provide academic advisement, career counseling, personal counseling and to make referrals for both students and parents.

TRiO SSS Activities

Summer 2014 No events scheduled Note: An RSVP is required prior to the event.  Please email Laura at, call 240-500-2659, or stop in the office to sign up for either event. Transportation and tickets are provided for all TRiO SSS events.   Additional details will be sent to individuals who sign up for a trip or event. If you plan to attend, you must sign a waiver in the office to reserve your spot for both events. Tickets are limited and if you sign up for an event, please let TRiO SSS staff know immediately if your plans change so that the tickets can be given to another student.

TRiO SSS Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the TRiO Student Support Services Program, the student: Must be a citizen or national of the United States or meet the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance.   Must be enrolled at Hagerstown Community College or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term.   Must demonstrate a need for academic support, as determined by the project director, in order to successfully pursue a post-secondary educational program. In addition, to be eligible the student  must meet one or more of the following criteria: Must be a first generation student (defined as neither parent has earned a four-year degree); OR   Must be a low-income individual, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education OR   Must be an individual with a disability, as defined in section 12102 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  


What is TRiO SSS? TRiO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) is a federally funded grant program at HCC. Becase TRiO SSS is grant funded, the program is subject to federal legislation and regulations in addition to HCC polices. It is a limited enrollment program, funded to serve 175 eligible participants each year. What are the eligibility requirements? All applicants must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements prior to acceptance into the program: First Generation – neither parent/guardian received a baccalaureate degree Low Income – federal low income levels can be found online with the U.S. Dept. of Education Disability – students must be registered with HCC’s Disability Support Services Office or provide documentation Applicants must also possess an academic need, which includes but is not limited to placement into developmental Math or English classes as the most common need in addition to limited English proficiency, poor college grades, lack of educational or career goals, etc. What else are you looking for in a student? It is preferred, but not required, that each applicant: Plans to complete a degree at HCC Plans to transfer after completing a degree Be enrolled full time Has completed or tested above MAT and ENG 098 Has a college GPA of 2.0 or better Possess intrinsic motivation Although TRiO SSS is designed as an extra support system to students, participants in the program must possess a strong desire to not only attend college but to be a successful student and complete their programs. The ideal student possesses the drive to succeed but is still able to benefit from the services TRiO SSS provides. Do you give students books or money? TRiO SSS is not a “free book” program or a “grant” program in the sense that every student will receive a direct material or financial gain from participation. TRiO SSS is able to offer a small number of books for daily use or study on-campus only. Grant aid is given once a year to eligible program participants. The awarding of funds is competitive and based on an application and scoring rubric. To be eligible, one must be an active participant in the program and be a current recipient of Pell Grant funds, among other criteria. What does TRiO SSS provide? Academic and transfer advising Assistance with FAFSA and financial advice One-on-one and small group tutoring Visits to four-year colleges and universities Cultural and educational trips/events TRiO SSS Study Center with access to laptops, reference books, etc. Financial, academic, career, and transfer workshops Grant aid to a limited number of eligible participants How do I apply? You can stop by the offices in the Student Center or fill out an application online. What happens after I apply? Program staff will verify your eligibility and you will receive a phone call or email to schedule an interview appointment.  You may be asked to provide additional documentation to bring to your interview.  After your interview, you must come to an Intake Session to be considered a participant in the program. During the Intake Session, you will learn about the services offered, how the program works, and you will meet with the program manager or advisor to complete a personal educational plan and goals assessment. What is expected of me as a participant? Participants must have contact with TRiO SSS staff each semester and take advantage of services and/or events if they want to continue in the program. This includes receiving tutoring, academic or transfer advising, assistance with financial aid, attending workshops, etc.  Is TRiO SSS for "academically deficient" students only? No. Participants in TRiO SSS vary greatly according to age, ethnicity, academic talent, major, and every characteristic in between. In fact, many TRiO SSS students are academically talented. The one thing all should have in common, other than eligibility criteria, is a drive to complete college successfully and be well prepared for the future. TRiO SSS has had several participants transfer to elite schools, including the University of Maryland College Park, Columbia University, Towson University, and Loyola University, among many others.

Student Services

HCC provides students with many services and resources to assist them in getting off to a good start and maintaining a positive experience during their time here. Use the left-hand menu to access the many student services available at HCC. Student Activities & Student Life You won’t want to miss a minute of thecampus life waiting for you outside the classroom. The Student Activities Office, located in the Student Center, offers opportunities for you to connect with classmates and instructors, meet new friends by joining a campus club, go to one or more of the many campus events planned each month, or attend a leadership conference to gain professional experience. Learn more at Student Affairs Office The Student Affairs Office works collaboratively with faculty, staff, students and the community to support student engagement, learning and success at HCC. The Student Affairs Office houses the Dean of Student Affairs and her executive assistant. The Dean of Student Affairs oversees the following areas: Admissions and Records, Academic Advising, the Children’s Learning Center, Disability Support Services, Athletics, Financial Aid, Internships and Job Services, TRiO: Student Support Services, and Student Activities. The Student Affairs Office is also responsible for the judicial conduct process and all commencement ceremonies on campus.