Technology and Computer Studies Division


The Netlab+ system at HCC enables cybersecurity and computer science students to remotely access a lab of virtual computers (VM). These computers are configured to simulate real-world scenarios, giving students hands-on problem solving experience. These labs can be accessed by students using a web browser from their classrooms or at home. What's New The current Netlab+ system runs on 4 powerful Dell servers with a total of 48 CPU cores, and the addition of 6 new Dell servers will add 96 CPU cores for a grand total of 144 cores. Each core can easily support a VM (Virtual PC), making it possible to run multiple complex labs at the same time. This upgrade, scheduled to be completed in early 2016, will also include an additional Netlab+ device called “Ciscolabs”. Cisco network devices will be attached to this Netlab+, giving students remote access to labs in which routers and switches are used to connect virtual PCs. This will complement the hands-on access to Cisco equipment that HCC student have while in their classes. Student Resources Netlab Student Guide Faculty Resources Classes currently supported by Netlabs+