TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO SSS - Schedule a Prospective Student Meeting

This form is for applicants to TRiO SSS who have been invited to attend a prospective student meeting, which is the next stage in the applicant process.This informal meeting helps us to determine your academic goals, interests, and motivations in college and how these characteristics may align with the mission of the TRiO program. Please plan for this meeting to last about 60 minutes.

TRiO SSS - Workshop Request

TRiO SSS offers workshops on demand to current and active participants. Workshops are grouped into academic, financial, and transfer/career topics. It is expected that TRiO SSS students attend at least one of each type of workshop (academic, financial, transfer/career) as their schedule allows each semester.

Please complete the form below and select the workshop(s) you would like us to schedule for you this semester. Due to the time required for planning and implementing workshops, please only select the session(s) that you will commit to attend.

TRiO SSS - Letters of Recommendation

If you would like to request a letter of recommendation from a TRiO SSS staff member, please complete the following form no later than two weeks before the letter of recommendation is due.