Copying Projects

Walk-up Copiers

Xerox copiers are located in each building for use by college staff. Your employee ID number which can be found on your ID badge or your pay check, is your account number for making copies. You must enter at least 4 numbers to access the copier. For example, if your ID number is 001234, you would enter 1234 (do not include 00). If your number is 012345 (do not include 0), you would enter 12345. However, if your account number is 112345, you would enter the entire number 112345 to access the copier.

Simply touch the numbers on the keypad and then touch “Enter” on the screen. Your name will show up in the window as the “User.” Be Sure to hit the “Clear All” button when you have completed copying and then touch the “Log Out” button to log out of your account.

If you receive an “Invalid number” message when entering your ID number, please contact Digital Printing & Design Services at extension 405.

If an individual copying project totals more than 100 sheets, it should be reproduced on a production copier in Digital Printing & Design Services per Administration Guidelines. See sections, Submission of Copying Projects and Submission of Production Projects for information on how to determine which type of project you are submitting and which form must be completed and submitted with your project(s).

Utilizing production copiers saves the College money. Plain and simple--cost for copies produced on the walk-up copiers cost more per page than copies produced on a high-volume production copier located in Digital Printing & Design Services.

Submission of Copying Projects

Your project is a Copying Project if it only requires any of the following:

  • Copying
  • Three-hole punching
  • Stapling
  • Collating

If your project is ready to be copied with no additional revisions and only requires the finishing services listed above, you can submit your project with the Copying Requisition Webform.