HCC Style Guide

Adherence to all of the following guidelines is required for approval:

  1. All college marketing and promotional materials intended for public consumption must be discussed and approved by the Public Information and Government Relations Office before they can be submitted to Digital Printing and Design Services. This includes posters, fliers, postcards, fact sheets, handouts, booklets, and brochures.
  2. The college’s full name (“Hagerstown Community College”) is to appear at least once, usually on the front cover. “HCC” may be used for subsequent references.
  3. The official college color is Pantone 575 and the college logo is Pantone 575 and black.
  4. The HCC logo is to appear, preferably on the front and/or back covers. The HCC logo must not be altered or combined with other elements so as to change its graphic appearance. (See page 11 of the HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide). The college logo can downloaded at www.hagerstowncc.edu/logo.
  5. For mailing, the full college address should be included, and the zip code should include the full nine digits (see example below):

        Hagerstown Community College
        11400 Robinwood Drive
        Hagerstown, MD 21742-6514

  6. Where campus telephone number(s) are included, the proper name(s) and contact extension(s) should also be listed. Do not put parentheses around area codes for campus phone numbers.
  7. Writing is to be clear, accurate, and appropriate for the intended audience, free from errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.
  8. Design and graphic presentation are to be tasteful and of appropriately high quality. Microsoft clipart, or clipart of any kind, as well as graphics copied from the Web should not  be used in printed publications.
  9. HCC has approved fonts that are to be used for most promotional materials, in an effort to ensure consistent branding. These are:
    • Humanst is used for headlines.
    • Goudy Old Style is used for body copy.
    • Blackjack is used for accent headlines.

Samples of these fonts can be viewed on page 13 of the HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide.

HCC Brand Management & Writing Style Guide