Paper Supplies

Digital Printing & Design Services provides copy paper for faculty and staff use (not to include student labs). Copy paper is available in white and 11 other colors.

These supplies are available by completing the Paper Supplies Requisition Webform.  

HCC Letterhead and Envelopes

Standard Design

College letterhead and envelopes have a standard design used throughout the College. Letterhead is printed on white paper stock with the College logo printed in Pantone 575 (green) and black. The address, phone number, and web address are also printed in black. Two types of white envelopes are available: #10 regular and #10 window, both printed with the HCC logo in green and black and the text in black.

#9 Business Reply envelopes are available when requested and are printed in a single color, either Pantone 575 or black. Business Reply (BRM) envelopes must be submitted to the U.S. Postal Service for certification after they have been printed to ensure that they meet USPS specifications. This process takes approximately 7-10 business days. Please allow sufficient time for this process when requesting BRM envelopes.

Procedure for Personalized Letterhead and Envelope Orders

To request letterhead and envelopes with individual department names printed on them, use the Production Requisition Webform. Allow 10-14 business days for printing.