Self Publishing

Check with your department chair or office associate for class material guidelines if you are not purchasing a textbook from a publisher for sale to students in the Campus Store.

If you have Campus Store materials for duplication that will be sold to the students, when creating the front cover for your material, please include “Hagerstown Community College,” an HCC logo, and the date your material was last revised.

ALL FACULTY must complete a Production Requisition with the following information:

  1. Contact Name, Department, Telephone Extension, Project Name, Date Submitted, Date Wanted (actual date needed or semester to be used), Number of Originals (count number of pages, printing on front and back of a page counts as two originals), and Number of Copies Requested (leave this area blank). The Campus Store manager will determine quantity. The Campus Store manager’s goal is to sell ALL materials placed in the Campus Store for a semester. Under Special Instructions please specify number of copies requested for Divisions (if needed).
  2. Production Information - Check ALL boxes necessary for completing your project.
    • Printing/Duplicating
    • B/W OR Color
      • 1 to 1 sided -- Original has printing on 1 side only and final copy will be duplicated on 1 side only
      • 1 to 2 sided -- Original has printing on one side, but duplicated copy will be printed on both sides (front to back)
      • 2 to 2 sided -- Original has print on both sides and duplicated copy will be the same
    • Paper
      • Size 8 ½” x 11”, 8 ½” x 14”, (choose a size from the drop down box)
      • Color - White or Color (choose a color from the drop down box)
      • Cover(s) - Select color (choose a color from the drop down box)
    • Finishing (choose any procedure[s] necessary to complete project)
      • Collate
      • Staple - 1 or 2 left side staples
      • Fold
      • Punch - 3-hole
      • Pad (sheets per pad)
      • Bind - Coil, Comb, Perfect Bound, or Saddle Stitch
      • Laminate
      • Shrink Wrap

Deliver or upload your originals to Digital Printing & Design Services. Digital Printing & Design Services will contact the Campus Store manager to confirm the number of copies to be placed in the Campus Store.

Please note in the 'Special Instruction' section if material has been updated since the last duplication so that any remaining Campus Store stock will NOT be sold to students, but removed from the shelf and replaced with the new, up-to-date material.