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Department: Academic Advisement
Title File
Morgan State University Transfer Initiative Program
Early Education - Martinsburg Camps
Change Major in WebAdvisor
Program Evaluation on WebAdvisor
JTSR Spanish
Transfer Scholarship Guide
Student Support Services Brochure
Department: Academic Affairs
Title File
Childcare Professional GEPD - FY12
Best Practices for Final Exam Schedule
Administration of Justice GEPD - FY12
PN NCLEX Pass Rates
CVT Management GEPD - FY12
Student Honors Program Policy 4024
Academic Calendar - FY15
Alternative Energy Geothermal GEPD - FY12
RN NCLEX Pass Rates
General Education SLOA Summary Template
Alternative Energy Solar and Wind GEPD - FY12
Washington County Articulation Agreement
CVT Specialist GEPD - FY12
Biotechnology GEPD - FY12
Washington County Transfer Equivalency
Computer-Aided Design GEPD - FY12
Honor Code Policy 4050
Dental Assisting GEPD - FY12
Course Outcomes Guide Template
Facilities Maintenance Technology GEPD - FY12
Program Outcomes Guide Template
A and P Placement Exam Summary
Master Syllabus Template
Graphic Design GEPD - FY12
Curriculum Map Template
Industrial Technology GEPD - FY12
Academic Calendar - FY16
Upward Bound FAQ for Parents
IST: Computer Support Specialist GEPD - FY12
IST: Technician Specialist GEPD - FY12
Health Sciences & Nursing Health Requirements
Management GEPD - FY12
Management: Marketing GEPD - FY12
Credit for Prior Learning Brochure
Upward Bound Newsletter - Fall 2014
Medical Coding GEPD - FY12
Medical Assistant GEPD - FY12
Network Technology GEPD - FY12
Paralegal Studies GEPD - FY12
Academic Calendar - FY14
Honors Information for Students (PDF)
Upward Bound Handbook 2014 - 2015
Honors Information for Faculty