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Department: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business Division
Title File
MGT 101 - Retail Management Master Syllabus
BUS 145 - Customer Service
ADJ 203-Criminal Law Master Syllabus
PSY 212 – Interviewing and Counseling Master Syllabus
POL 204 - Constitutional Law Master Syllabus
POL 204 - International Relations
EDU 116-Infant and Toddler Development Master Syllabus
ADJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
ACC 101 - Principles of Accounting
Department: Campus Police and Safety
Title File
Annual Security Report 2008
Annual Security Report 2010
Annual Security Report 2011
Annual Security Report 2012
Annual Security Report 2013
Emergency Response Guidelines
Campus Police Annual Security Report 2014
Department: Campus Store
Title File
Bookstore Return Policy
Department: Children's Learning Center
Title File
2015 Mini College for Kids Schedule & Course Descriptions
Department: College Advancement
Title File
Audit HCC Foundation Inc 990 - FY12
Hawk Booster Club
New Horizons Newsletter - Summer 2008
New Horizons Newsletter - Fall 2010
Volunteers Handbook
Flower and Garden Show Contract
Flower and Garden Show Vendor Brochure
Foundation Brochure
NYC Bus Trip Application Form - September 2014
Department: Commercial Vehicle Transportation
Title File
CVT Class A Handout
CVT Technical Standards
Truck Driving Brochure
Department: Continuing Education and Business Services
Title File
Giles-Brown OBGYN Sonography Presentation
Benshir Vision Checklist
Training for Dental Professionals Agenda
Continuing Education Schedule - Spring/Summer 2015
Hardy Echocardiography Presentation
Benshir Health History Sample Form
Training for Dental Professionals Syllabus
Hari Cardiomyopathy Presentation
Cardiac Updates #12 Handouts
O'Donnell Debriefing Presentation
Proper Pharmacologic Prescribing & Disposal for Dental Practitioners
Benshir Vision Disorders Agenda
O'Kupniak Homegown EMR Presentation
Valvular Disorders: Aortic & Mitral Valve - Betsie Figueroa-Cruz
Bittner Beyond the Amsler Grid Presentation
Optometry Program Agenda - 2013
Online Real Estate Courses
Dyalram Oral Cancer Screening Presentation
Motorcycle Safety Schedule - Spring 2014
OSHA Hazard Communication Presentation