P.A.R. Committee

The Pride And Recognition (P.A.R.) Committee strives to maintain campus morale through employee involvement and quality employee recognition and celebration activities. Any college employee can be on the committee. P.A.R.'s goal is to have representation from faculty, support staff and administrators to ensure that all employees on campus are represented. P.A.R. organizes at least one activity per month, and has two ongoing initiatives: the HCC anniversary card distribution and the P.A.R. Star co-worker recognition program. If you would like to join the P.A.R. Committee, contact par@hagerstowncc.edu.

Award a P.A.R. Star to a co-worker with the Employee Recognition Form.

P.A.R. Stars

David Grimes
John Dankulich
Christine Ohl-Gigliotti
Pete Chapelle
Don Reiff (2)
Ernest Cook (2)
Donald Baker
Rick Slaubaugh (2)
Mike Riley (2)
Beth Kirkpatrick
Heather Barnhart
Thomas Aguilera
Ken Helfrick
Bill Alemar
Laurie Montgomery

Amber Tobery
Jan McLaughlin
Gustavo Barbosa
Nicklas Cullop
Brandon Brereton
Joyce Shull
Robin Thomas
Herb Fiege
JoAnna Shank
Bryan Rausch
Mel Yourich
Jessica Baker
Bryan Rausch

Group at PAR picnic