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Categories and Awards

Submission Categories

The Robinwood Players Theater Club Film Fest screens films in competition in three categories:

  • “Favorite Childhood Fairytale or Fable” - Any childhood fable of any culture. Should have a cohesive plot with beginning, middle, and end.
  • “A Day in a Life of a Historical Figure” - Focuses on the daily life of any person from history. Creative license can be taken with regards to historical accuracy.
  • “Favorite Excerpt from a Science Fiction, Fantasy Novel” - A scene or excerpt from a published Fiction, Science Fiction, or Fantasy novel. Please provide the title of the novel and author's name with your registration. You may also provide a copy of the text if you choose.
  • All films should be no longer than ten (10) minutes long.

Filmmaker categories

  • High school - freshman-senior enrolled at a school in Washington County; Franklin County, Pa.; Berkeley County, W.Va.; or Jefferson County, W.Va.
  • College - full or part-time student currently attending a two- or four-year college in western Maryland, eastern West Virginia, or southern Pennsylvania.
  • Amateur - non-student filmmaker who resides in the local, tri-state area.


  • Best High School Level Film
  • Best College Level Film
  • Best Non-student Level Film
  • Grand Prize For Overall Best Film

To be eligible for consideration:

  1. Entrants must fully comply with all Entry Rules & Regulations in order to be considered eligible for the RPTC Film Fest.
  2. Films must be available for screening at the RPTC Film Festival on March 8 - 9, 2013. An exhibition copy and Region-free NTSC DVD back-up copy must be in possession of the RPTC Film Fest by February 22, 2013.